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Does Drying Equipment Need to Run All the Time after Flooding?

9/22/2020 (Permalink)

green SERVPRO drying equipment SERVPRO Deploys Advanced Drying Equipment to Restore RH Relative Humidity as We Manage Flood Damage Mitigation in Pottsville

Pottsville Homes Benefit from SERVPRO's Aggressive Drying Service

After a storm causing flooding, many homes and businesses in Pottsville need the water and debris removed, homes repaired, and restored to their original condition. Our clients often ask us whether the air movers and dehumidifiers need to be running all of the time? Can they turn them off during office hours or at night when they are trying to sleep?

SERVPRO provides floodwater removal services to the city of Pottsville and surrounding areas. Our team initially removes all of the debris and water that may have entered your home. We also provide board up services to cover broken windows, damaged roofs, and doors. The next stage involves cleaning everything salvageable and removing the rest. Finally, our moisture removal equipment is installed to dehumidify the air and draw out all of the excess moisture that remains in the structure.

The most efficient approach is to operate the equipment continuously until moisture levels return to normal. Turning the air movers and dehumidifiers off extends the time needed to completely dry your home and increases the risk of mold colonies becoming established and causing more damage.

Everything Was So Damp, and Now the Air in Our House Feels So Dry

The air in your home may feel dry; however, high levels of moisture may still exist in walls, carpets, and your home's contents. SERVPRO monitors the humidity levels and adjusts the equipment to target specific areas that may require further drying. All materials do have a natural moisture content level; this is the goal we strive to reach.

Moisture in these areas can migrate into your home's dry air.  Once your home reaches a standard RH Relative Humidity, all of our equipment is removed. Restoration of the floodwaters' damage can also begin, returning your home to its original condition.

Call SERVPRO of Pottsville (570) 622-8991 to assist with floodwater removal and restoration of your home or business.

Do Water Leaks Cause Permanent Floor Damage In Your Orwigsburg Home?

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

water damage in home Using a professional technician to restore your home may be cost-efficient after a water emergency.

SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration Professionals Can Reduce and Restore Floor Damage in your Orwigsburg Home.

What type of damage does water cause to flooring?
The floors of your Orwigsburg home are a composite of surface material, subfloor, and framework. Water naturally migrates, which, depending on the length of exposure and quantity of water, can affect your floor construction. Properties with carpeting also include a carpet pad, which typically breaks apart or deteriorate with exposure moisture. Assessing the amount of damage that water causes to flooring requires special measuring devices and, in some cases, removal of physical barriers to gain access to the lower regions of the floor construction. SERVPRO technicians can perform an expert analysis before tailoring a restoration procedure for your home.

What tools are used to assess floor damages?
- Moisture probes and sensors for non-invasive inspection methods
- Thermal imaging cameras or Boroscopes to assess hidden cavities or materials within walls
- Deconstruction of the floor or removal of carpets for visual inspection for properties with extensive damage or long-term water exposure

When should I consider replacing flooring?
Some floor materials are more resilient and therefore respond better to water damage restoration methods in your Orwigsburg home. Expensive flooring like masonry or hardwoods is generally more time and cost-efficient to restore rather than replace. We use a range of psychrometric equipment- like air movers, dehumidifiers, or venting fans- and cleaning methods to regain flooring. Often a hardwood floor can be dried and cleaned before returning to apply a new finish. Where there is extensive damage, SERVPRO can use sandblasting equipment to even out signs of cupping or warping.

What are cheap flooring materials to replace?
- Carpets and carpet pads
- Linoleum or other vinyl materials
- Laminate flooring

Using a professional technician to restore your home may be cost-efficient after a water emergency. Contact SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8991.

Torrential Rains Caused Flooding to My Home – Can SERVPRO Help?

9/1/2020 (Permalink)

Home floating in floodwater SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle every level of water damage. Call us today, we are always available to help.

Professional Technicians Understand Storm Flooding and Can Provide Emergency Flood Mitigation to Pottsville Homes.

Pottsville is located along the beautiful Schuylkill River and is home to approximately 14,500 residents. Like much of Pennsylvania, it is prone to flash flooding and severe storms that can send water surging into homes. High winds can damage roofs allowing heavy rains to enter the property. 

My Roof is Damaged – Can You Stop the Water from Getting Inside?

When flood damage occurs in Pottsville, getting emergency water mitigation is crucial. Our professional teams arrive on the scene as soon as possible once we receive the call. Emergency procedures are then put in place to ensure the safety of the home and occupants and to prevent further deterioration from taking place. To prevent more water from entering the home via the roof, the crew can:

  • Temporarily seal the exposed area of the roof with plastic sheeting
  • Tarp the roof over the plastic an added layer of protection
  • Help you find a professional roofer for needed repairs

 Can You Dry Out My Attic?

When a storm causes damage to a roof, it often means water damage to the attic area. The attic may simply be a small area that is barely accessible, or it may be a finished room where household items are stored. Getting the needed equipment in the attic can be a challenge, but SERVPRO’s Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified technicians encounter these types of situations every day. They have the experience and expertise to implement the precise flood damage mitigation needed. 

 Many attics contain sheetrock, which can complicate drying. Controlled demolition may be needed to remove damaged sheetrock. Once this happens, the attic’s structural components are easier to dry. Even if the sheetrock shows no signs of water damage, it may have to be removed to allow access to impacted areas. Restoring an attic often means working with insulation. Wet fiberglass insulation can be restored in particular cases, but the plaster or sheetrock underneath is not always salvageable. We use large insulation vacuums to remove it and save it for possible reuse. 

How is Water Removed from the Rest of the House?

The general process for water removal is the same, whether from flood damage or water intrusion from something like a water heater rupture. It involves:

  • Use truck-mounted or portable pumps to extract the water.
  • Using various types of extractors for carpet, flooring, and furniture.
  • Locating hidden moisture with moisture meters and infrared cameras.
  • Setting up drying equipment to complete the process.

When dealing with any water damage, there are three types of water – clean, gray, and black. Floodwater that surges into the home is considered black water. It is contaminated and should be avoided unless you have the proper PPE equipment. The contaminants found in flood water can include dead animals, dirt, debris, bacteria, chemical waste, and more. Disinfectants and sanitizing agents must be used on the water and anything the liquid has touched. 

What About My Flooring?

In a flooding situation such as this, there can be hardwood floors, linoleum, and carpeting that are soaked. Carpets that have been exposed to flood water typically need to be disposed of due to contaminants. Our technicians handle the removal of loss items as they may require special disposal. Upholstered furniture is in the same category.

Hardwood floors hold up better to water damage than softwood flooring. Its natural composite makes it more resilient. When drying hardwood floors, our technicians strive to prevent buckling, warping, and cupping from becoming permanent. Wood floors need to be dried out as quickly as possible as mold can develop fast. Sanding and refinishing may be required once the floors are completely dry.

Can the Odors be Removed?

SERVPRO technicians move on to cleaning and disinfecting once everything is dry. Exposed surfaces get treated with antimicrobials and, if needed, sealants get used. Everything gets thoroughly sanitized. Part of the process involves mitigating lingering odors. There are several things that can be used, including:

  • Gel pellets – timed release for light smells
  • Hydroxyl generators – Safely remove odors using UV rays
  • Thermal fogging – Used for widespread odors

Giving You Back Your Home.

Our goal is to restore your home to its preloss condition. Storms and floods in Pennsylvania can strike at any time, day or night. We live in PA and understand the hazards. Because of this, we are available 24/7, including holidays. Catastrophes do not ask when it is convenient for them to take place. They simply occur. Making sure your family is safe and taken care of is what you do best. Let us handle the stress of restoration and making your home, “Like it never even happened.”

If storms have you needing professional flood damage services, contact SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8891. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why Is SERVPRO The Best Choice For Attic Mold Remediation In Pottsville?

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

Closeup of a mold wall with fungus For help with mold remediation, do not delay.

Pottsville Homeowners Are Frustrated By The Need For Mold Remediation – But Help Is At Hand

People living in Pottsville know that attics and basements are parts of the home that sometimes get neglected. When it comes to home maintenance, most people focus on apparent issues such as broken gutters, loose tiles, or looking after appliances. The attic is often out of sight and out of mind.

However, a Pottsville attic might need mold remediation as much as any other part of the home. Attics are often neglected, and an ideal place for spores to settle. If there is moisture in the attic and a food source such as wood, mold can grow.

What is the most effective method for cleaning mold in the attic?

Customers often ask us the best method for cleaning the mold. SERVPRO’s most crucial piece of advice is do not try to clean it yourself. Home cleaning methods are not as effective or as safe as professional methods.

SERPVRO technicians use a range of cleaning methods, including:

    •    Scrubbing
    •    HEPA vacuuming
    •    Dry ice or soda blasting
    •    Not many people have heard of dry ice blasting, but it is ideal for cleaning away mold in the attic. Our equipment blasts wood with CO2 pellets at supersonic speeds to attack the fungus. Dry ice blasting scrubs away mold but does not damage the wood.

When you choose us, you can rest assured that we will use the latest techniques and equipment to cleanse your attic space.

Can SERVPRO help prevent mold spreading further?

Yes. Our technicians understand that it is easy for microscopic mold spores to spread. That is why we:

    •    Set up containment using plastic sheeting and tape to prevent spores escaping your attic
    •    Use correct protective equipment and dispose of it carefully
    •    Use air scrubbers or negative air machines to suck spores from the air

Because mold thrives in a damp environment, we carefully dry your attic and monitor moisture levels throughout remediation. We also deodorize the space afterward to get rid of that musty smell.

Cleaning is one part of mold remediation. Carefully monitored drying, containment, and deodorization are a must – which is why you can rely on us.

For help with mold remediation, do not delay. Call SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8991.

How Do I Cleanup Flood Water?

8/11/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded garage SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle all types of water damage. Give us a call, we are available 24/7.

Our Pottsville SERVPRO Team Mitigates Damage Through Prompt Water Removal.

After experiencing a flood in Pottsville, a detached garage may sustain more damage than a house since they are often exposed to the outdoor elements. Imagine coming into your garage and seeing muddy water with lawn cuttings and a sheen of oil on the surface. Just by looking at it, you can tell that the water is category 3/black water. Due to this contamination, it is vital to have professionals with the appropriate PPE and knowledge assist in the cleanup.

How Do Technicians Get Rid of the Sludge?

SERVPRO Uses Trash Pumps to Remove the Contaminated Water

After the flood damage in your Pottsville garage, the SERVPRO team removes any dangerous stored chemicals like paint or gasoline before removing the water. Then, they use a trash pump to remove the contaminated sludge from the garage. A trash pump is an impeller-type pump that can remove larger visible debris while vacuuming up the contaminated water; this way, technicians do not have to come into physical contact with potentially-harming pesticides and other chemicals contained in the water. After technicians use the trash pump for extraction, they move on to scrubbing the concrete pad with squeegees and brooms, ensuring the area is clean and dried.

What Equipment Does SERVPRO Use to Dry the Walls and Ceiling of the Garage?

  • Axial fans: Helps move air throughout the garage, speeding up the drying process near the garage entrance. 
  • Centrifugal Air Movers: Directs air toward the walls, blowing warm air over the surface to aid in the drying process.
  • LGR Dehumidifiers: Removes excess water below 55 GPP (grains per pound) from the air. 

For 24/7 restoration assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8991. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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How Does SERVPRO Find the Water Within a Pottsville Home?

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment on hardwood flooring of a home. SERVPRO can advise as well as assist your Pottsville water damage.

SERVPRO technicians bring a host of advanced water detection equipment to Pottsville homes

After a pipe break, storm damage, or toilet backup, just to name a few standard events, you need professional assistance to ensure that the water in your Pottsville property gets extracted and dried thoroughly. That is why it is crucial to outsource the task to a professional restoration services company, particularly one with advanced extraction, drying, and detection equipment. 

What is the Difference in Consumer and Professional Water Removal Equipment?  

When you need water removal in your Pottsville property, there is no comparison between a consumer-grade shop vac and the professional extraction units that SERVPRO technicians have access to use. To highlight just a few of the perks for using a professional restoration services company in terms of the devices used can have an impact on the outcome through the use of:  

  • Various types of moisture sensors and inspection equipment to track precise locations of water migration within the home
  • Professional water removal equipment for any size or depth water loss situation
  • Access to deep extraction tools for various surfaces
  • Careful attention during the removal process to ensure that nothing gets left behind by using inspection equipment before moving on to drying

Infrared cameras are an invaluable part of the technician's toolkit. While these devices do not measure moisture within the structure, they give an undeniable look at temperature differences and enable techs to compare readings from moisture sensors to nail down anywhere in the home water migrated into. The use of the inspection equipment negates the need for opening walls to determine the location of the water.

What Should I Expect When SERVPRO Dries My Property  

The extraction phase tends to take time because the more water that gets pulled up and taken away reduces the time needed to dry the structure. SERVPRO techs do not use fans but deploy professional drying equipment such as:  

  • Air movers to remove embedded moisture through their high-velocity airflow  
  • Dehumidification equipment to capture airborne moisture droplets  
  • Air scrubbers to capture any mold spores or odorous molecules
  • Drying mats for forcing air into the flooring of all types
  • Injecti-Dry systems for delivery of dry air into small spaces

Special Actions During Drying 

Individual structural elements within the home may require specific treatments for the best outcome. A good example is a hardwood floor that receives a large amount of water. The boards may swell and warp in response to absorbing the moisture, but with the training and equipment the techs have, the outlook is positive for saving the hardwood flooring from becoming a loss. The techs try to dry the boards in place whenever possible, frequently using a method known as tenting where the plastic gets sealed over the loss area, and the use of portable heaters assists in the delivery of warm, dry air that gets forced into the boards. Once dry, the boards usually return to their original shape. In some cases, mainly if the exposure to moisture was for a lengthy period, the floorboards may need sanding and refinishing, but not a replacement.

Carpet is another article in the home that requires special handling. SERVPRO techs have the training and know that restoration of a carpet after a water loss is never a one-size-fits-all job. They carefully test the fibers to determine if they can withstand re-wetting to remove water spots or if any shrinkage may occur from the drying process. 

Actively Addressing the Possibility of Mold  

Because there are airborne mold spores that occur naturally both indoors and out, they float harmlessly around unless conditions are favorable for germination. After that, a colony can establish itself quickly and begin to spread. Air moisture readings get taken throughout the restoration process to ensure that the environment is not supportive for germination or growth of mold. The use of professional antimicrobial solutions and, when necessary, the application of sealants assures that mold is never an issue post-mitigation for water damage. 

SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8991 serves the local community with any size water removal needs. No matter if the problem is in a single room or an entire home, the certified technicians are available 24/7 to extract the water and bring your home back to its preloss condition.

How Do I Know Where to Begin After a Fire in My Home?

7/21/2020 (Permalink)

Heavily fire damaged home; Roof burnt exposing structure inside Fires are one of the most stressful events a homeowner can face. Call SERVPRO for total restoration.

SERVPRO is Available to Assist While You Restore Your Pottsville Home After Suffering Loss from Fire Damage 

Regardless of your Pottsville structure's size, the damage from a house fire can become quite devastating. After the fire is out, it is reasonable to have a laundry list of questions as you wonder how to proceed. The most significant thing to do is take a deep breath and know that SERVPRO is available with the fire restoration technicians you need to get the job done quickly. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster and available 24/7 to handle your emergency service needs. 

There are several essential steps to help you navigate fire damage in Pottsville

  • You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible to inform them of the fire.
  • Ensure your property is deemed safe for entry by first-responders on the scene before anyone goes into the home.
  • Determine if you would like to have your interior repaired or if demolition and rebuilding is the best option.
  • Always work with the right team of licensed, trained professionals for your fire restoration needs. 

We have IICRC-certified technicians and a vast selection of equipment and products to ensure your fire restoration project goes off without a hitch. You can look to us for your one-stop fire cleanup needs, including: 

  • Water damage/cleanup –We handle the cleanup of all water or chemicals used while extinguishing the fire, ensuring no hidden moisture is left behind.
  • Soot removal and cleaning –Soot must be addressed before it has time to penetrate carpeting, walls, and other porous materials outside the fire zone.
  • Restoration efforts –We salvage whenever possible, but demolition and replacement may be your only option after charred debris gets removed. We handle everything to bring your interior back to preloss condition. 

When you need a crew to help with fire damage, you can trust us at SERVPRO of Pottsville. Call us at (570) 622-8991 to learn more about our services or have a crew deployed to your property to get to work! 

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Where Can I Find Water Removal Services in Pottsville?

7/18/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Broken Dishwasher We're open 24/7 and ready to help you!

SERVPRO of Pottsville Can Provide Your Home With Water Removal Services!

Discovering that your Pottsville property needs water removal services can shock any homeowner. Accidents happen, and sometimes you may need to take a step back, take a breath, and then reach out for emergency remediation services.

Some of the most common sources of water removal emergencies in Pottsville are overflowing sinks, toilets, or bathtubs. Having young children means needing to clean up after them pretty often. However, sometimes their curious nature can lead them to cause problems inside your home. Imagine a scenario where your toddler puts an entire roll of toilet paper in the bowl and then continually tries to flush it. Unfortunately, it's going to make quite a mess, and it could happen fairly quickly.

What Should I Do Once I Find the Water?

The best thing you can do for your home is to remain calm. If an accident leaves you in sudden need of water removal services, you should:
    •    Call a professional restoration company, like SERVPRO, immediately
    •    Put any pets away, so our technicians can move around your home quickly without worry
    •    Lay down towels to try and prevent the water from flowing into the rest of your home

There is not much you can do on your own to remediate the damage. Once you have called for help, leave the rest to us. Here at SERVPRO, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

What Can SERVPRO Do to Remove the Water?

Our technicians are highly trained and have access to advanced technology suited for any job they come across. Once in your home, they can:
    •    Use wet/dry vacuums to remove the standing water from your bathroom
    •    Use infrared cameras to check if any water sunk below the floor or underneath the walls
    •    Use drying equipment, such as heaters and axial fans, to draw any excess moisture from your home

We're dedicated to making you feel, “Like it never even happened.” If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out for it. It could help prevent further damages from occurring.

If you need water removal services, call us today! Dial (570) 622-8991 to communicate with SERVPRO of Pottsville. We're open 24/7 and ready to help you!

Is Successful Fire Restoration of My Retail Store Possible?

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

Inside view of SERVPRO truck- Restoration equipoment loaded and ready to go Each vehicle in our Green Fleet is loaded with restoration equipment ready to tackle your restoration project.

SERVPRO Knows What to do When Your Pottsville Store Presents with Fire Damage and Extensive Loss 

Sudden fire damage is devastating to any business owner, especially when the loss is extensive. Depending on the impact, your retail store in Pottsville may be closed for days or weeks, resulting in financial hardship. Hiring skilled technicians to handle the mitigation and restoration after a fire ensures you get back on your feet faster. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to have a team to count on when it seems all hope is lost. Our fast reaction time and proven techniques lessen loss and help you open your  doors quicker than DIY methods. 

How Fast Does Restoration Begin?

Once you have fire damage in Pottsville, calling SERVPRO to your retail location puts a Green Fleet at your door in as little as four hours. We start right in on the assessment after your commercial space is deemed safe for entry. Each day that your business is closed, you may lose clientele, and there is the potential for secondary damage from moisture and foul odors that settle in. We work fast to keep these short-term and long-term damages from taking hold. 

What Makes Your Crew Qualified for the Job? 

We have fire and smoke restoration technicians (FST) that have been through extensive training to handle the debris, soot, and smoke damage left after a fire. These projects call for cleaning off stubborn residues and other soils that become nearly impossible to touch using consumer-grade products. We know what works best on various surfaces to ensure that we achieve our goals while salvaging as much as we can from your retail store interior. The ability to clean residue from shelving, displays, counters and other furnishings inside your store is more cost-effective than needing to replace them. 

Testing Surfaces 

Our team conducts pre-testing on various surfaces to determine what type of smoke in Pottsville caused the damage. We follow the soil composition so that we can select the best strategies and cleaning solutions to be most effective. 

  •   Wet Smoke Deposits - produces a greasy-type smoke signature that responds best to oil-based solvents for cleaning.
  •   Dry Smoke Deposits –this produces a lighter signature, which responds best to dry wiping or brushing and water-based cleaning products or solutions.

Are There Contaminants in the Air?

With any fire damage project, particulates may remain airborne. These odor-causing particles do bond with other particulates in the air, allowing them to linger. Our team remains mindful of these particulates from the moment that we begin the restoration phases. We use a range of air purifying equipment and methods to capture foul odors and particulates that may disperse during cleanup. We follow along with a set of deodorization procedures, that include: 

  • Removal of the source of the odor
  • Carefully cleaning away all odor-causing residues from various surfaces
  • Re-creation of the conditions that lead to odor penetration
  • Sealing of specific surfaces, as needed 

For light smoke odor situations in your retail location, we clean with a solution such as our Wall and All Surface Cleaner. We also work to control vapor odors with the help of Instant Odor Counteracting Beads. Our crew also has access to thermal fogging technology, which disperses a solvent fog to bind with odor-causing particulates throughout the commercial space. 

In a more involved fire damage project where a heavy smoke odor is present, we may use activated oxygen, which helps us concentrate on the most contaminated areas. 

Why Might Pack-Out Services Be Necessary? 

Depending on the layout of your Pottsville retail store, moving out contents may help for several reasons. Limited space calls for the removal of items to allow more room for effective and smooth mitigation. Pack-out services will enable us to relocate contents to our SERVPRO facility for cleaning or a secured storage location while cleaning and restoration commence. Our crew is detailed and careful, working to avoid any breakage while maintaining an inventory of all contents. 

  • We create a checklist detailing which items need moving, which is an instrumental record to have for yourself and your insurance company.
  • Before disposing of any unsalvageable contents, they are cataloged for your records and your insurance adjuster. 

We handle the boxes' packing up, tagging all contents, and ensuring everything is transported safely to the warehouse. If necessary, we subcontract a moving company to handle the move. Once your retail store's interior gets restored, we move items back in and ensure that all areas are cleaned and sanitized so that it is “Like it never even happened.” 

SERVPRO of Pottsville is the team to call whenever you need help bringing your business back to life after taking on fire damage. Call (570) 622-8991 to have a creew deployed to begin assessment and restoration.

How Can I Protect My Pottsville Office from Migrating Flood Damages?

6/27/2020 (Permalink)

interior of an office completely flooded Flooding can literally overwhelm your office space. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation.

Our SERVPRO team can arrive fast during an emergency to establish containment barriers to protect undamaged areas of your commercial structure. 

Flooding damage does not always happen all at once in Pottsville commercial buildings. Whether the threat comes from a breach in the roof or masonry on the walls of the structure or floor drains backing up into the building from flooding conditions outside, some disasters arrive at a slower pace that can allow you to protect your office and other vital areas of the building.

A slower-paced emergency can protect some of your building's contents from irreparable damage, but it can also allow our team to manage commercial flood damage in your Pottsville building before it becomes overly destructive. We can arrive shortly after the first notice of loss, establish containment barriers, and monitor the progress of rising floodwater and migration. As much as we prioritize the recovery of exposed areas of the building, we also make it a point to prevent avoidable damage to the rest of the building whenever possible. 

What Happens if Flooding Damages My Office?

Whether a product of the floodwater affecting your office space immediately upon penetration or through migration from other areas of the structure, addressing these concerns is vital to get you back in business as quickly as possible. With specific approaches, we can work on removing water and moisture from the affected areas and then setting our sights on cleaning up lingering residues. The floor recovery process for your office often follows these steps after we have relocated the contents of the room in the path of the moving water.

Flood damage can be threatening to your building, but our SERVPRO of Pottsville team can arrive quickly during these emergencies to prevent the situation from worsening. Give us a call whenever you need us at (570) 622-8991.

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