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How Homeowners Can Help the Fire Damage Restoration Process in Pottsville Homes

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Homeowners Can Help the Fire Damage Restoration Process in Pottsville Homes Homeowners can help sort through possessions and sweep debris after a fire.

Don't Handle Every Part of Fire Damage in Pottsville On Your Own

Taking care of fire damage can be a complicated and labor-intensive task.   Smoke residues and other materials left behind from the blaze carry certain chemicals and moisture contents that can make conventional household cleaning products ineffective. Some standard cleaning techniques may even cause additional damage to your home if done improperly. Specialist companies like SERVPRO exist to handle the more challenging aspects of fire damage that may require specialized training and tools to clean up quickly and without causing further damage.  However, there are some steps you can take on your own to clean up after a fire.


We provide expert care for fire damage in the Pottsville area with multi-featured damage mitigation and reversal services. More advanced tasks, such as deodorizing treatments and the removal of wet mixtures of debris and smoke residues, should be left to our trained and certified fire restoration technicians (FRTs). We use advanced equipment such as powerful handheld HEPA vacuums and portable odor-eliminating foggers designed and refined specifically to handle the small particles and delicate materials involved in many of our fire restoration projects. Our inspectors can also help you to understand the situation better and provide on-the-spot recommendations and advice about how you can help and what the cleanup process might entail.

How You Can Help

Although our FRTs can handle the entire project on their own, you can also lend a helping hand with some tasks, if you wish. Here are a few ways you might be able to help us out before and during our work:

+Sweeping up. Sweeping away dry materials can save us time and is not likely to cause further damages.

+Turn off the A/C. Turning off air conditioning systems helps keep smoke particles out of other rooms.

+Separate wet objects. If any objects became wet during or after the fire, try to separate them from

+Wash houseplants. Washing off the leaves of your house plants can increase their chances of survival after a fire.

Do not try to handle fire damage on your own when SERVPRO of Pottsville stays ready 24/7 to respond to your call for help. Call us at (570) 622-8991.

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Even Minor Water Damage In Your Pottsville Home Should Be Handled By A Professional

7/12/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Even Minor Water Damage In Your Pottsville Home Should Be Handled By A Professional Give our SERVPRO of Pottsville team a call anytime that you need us at (570) 622-8991.

Restoring Small Water Damage Incidents In Your Pottsville Home

Not every water loss emergency that threatens a Pottsville home must be out of control and come with devastating conditions. In many cases, with the right reaction to potential damages, the threat of water loss situations can get lessened dramatically. In circumstances where the conditions exist from a steady leak in a certain point of the plumbing or a fixture, much of the exposed area can stay contained to immediate materials surrounding this breach. This limited spread makes both mitigation and drying efforts much more efficient and effective.

Multiple steps must get taken when contending with water damage in Pottsville homes, and this begins with fully understanding the situation. There is little that can get done in your property without a working knowledge of the extent and spread of these effects, and for small water loss incidents, you might not require the full measure of our SERVPRO professional resources and expertise. Instead, you can manually and visually inspect affected areas to determine the best approach for drying and later clean up.

For smaller damaged areas, you can often avoid a need for extraction and specialized equipment by getting the right drying and dehumidification started as promptly as possible. While many homeowners do not have powerful dehumidifiers and forced heat air movers as you can expect from professional recovery our SERVPRO team provides, there are several ways to accomplish similar results.

Often renting equipment is the best approach that homeowners can take, as this gives you access to many of the professional-grade tools and machines. Home improvement and hardware stores often have multiple unit types and sizes that you can choose from, so talk through your project with these employees to ensure that you are leaving with the right gear to overcome damaging water loss effects.

We know that many homeowners want to save time and money on doing restoration and recovery work themselves. Know your limitations, however, as inadequately cleaned and dried damages can lead to harmful mold growth and other potentially hazardous conditions. Give our SERVPRO of Pottsville team a call anytime that you need us at (570) 622-8991.

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Pottsville Needs Dry Cafes for Serving Coffee and Sweets--SERVPRO Removes Flood Waters to Keep the Cups Full

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Pottsville Needs Dry Cafes for Serving Coffee and Sweets--SERVPRO Removes Flood Waters to Keep the Cups Full Flooded Cafe in Pottsville? Call SERVPRO to Keep that Cupa Java Flowing--Not the Water!

Professional Cleanup Is Crucial for Commercial Flood Damage in Pottsville

Commercial flood damage in a brick and mortar business with foot traffic such as a coffee shop can be the kiss of death for the company if cleanup efforts do not happen quickly and adequately. The minute water enters, it spreads swiftly, wicking into sheetrock and can easily wind up within floor joists, wall cavities, and other hard-to-reach areas. If any areas of excessive moisture remain, both mold and foul odors have the potential for causing further damage to the shop weeks after the cleanup.

Before SERVPRO arrives on-site to clean up commercial flood damage in a Pottsville coffee shop, we usually ask business owners to stay out of the damaged areas due to the danger of dangerous slip and fall accidents on wet floors. Groundwater carries a rating as a category three biohazard, for health and safety reasons we advise avoiding the water.

Upon our arrival, we scope the site to determine the scale of the water loss on the property using our advanced moisture detection technology to measure and monitor moisture levels within the structure, including:

?    Infrared cameras allow technicians to visualize water through walls, ceilings, and floors with thermal imagery
?    Hygrometers to measure saturation levels
?    Soft probes
We can then use blue painters tape to mark off areas of saturation and dampness. These areas can be addressed as the process continues.

SERVPRO technicians extract water with portable pumps for speed and raise tables and chairs on blocks for drying in place when possible to limit the disruption to the building during restoration services. Controlled demolition techniques such as flood cuts to remove damaged sheetrock and weep holes for draining and air flow are tactics that help the water loss affected areas dry faster.

Our employees hold certifications as Applied Structural Drying Technicians, and we know how to set up air movers to pull deeply embedded moisture for thorough drying. SERVPRO techs pay special attention to wall cavities and floor joists with drying mats and InjectiDry setups to force airflow within and inhibit mold growth and odors through complete drying. Once done, we disinfect the surfaces using antimicrobial solutions to ensure they are sanitary and ready to serve customers lattes and cappuccinos at the counter again.

SERVPRO of Pottsville is available to mitigate commercial flood damage in any business or organization. Just call  (570) 622-8991, we are open 24/7 to serve the local community and make water damage to your building, "Like it never even happened."

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Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than The Experts At SERVPRO for Fire Damage Remediation in Orwigsburg

6/22/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than The Experts At SERVPRO for Fire Damage Remediation in Orwigsburg When fire damage occurs in your home, turn to our trained technicians to remediate. We make it 'Like it never even happened.'

Fire Damage Experts In Orwigsburg Talk About The Role Of Fire And Smoke Restoration Technicians

It does not happen very frequently, but it is possible that a fire can ignite inside your Orwigsburg home. Once something burns on your property, the flames, heat, and smoke coming from the blaze can cause your house to suffer from extensive fire damage. Flames coming from the burn can engulf several of your contents and building materials using them as fuel. The blaze can fully combust some items, but often there will be partially consumed particles that get released into the environment in the form of smoke. Once something burns on your property, it is wise to call in a professional fire damage restoration company such as SERVPRO.

Our team of experts can arrive promptly to assess the situation. Our fire and smoke restoration technicians or FSTs at SERVPRO know the best methods to mitigate fire damage in Orwigsburg. We know that restoring items is much cheaper for you and your insurance company than having to remove and replace them. Because of this, we try to do whatever we can to bring your contents and building materials back to their preloss state, "Like it never even happened." Our FST can accomplish such task by utilizing several specialized soot removal and refinishing techniques.

The first thing our FST concentrates on when arriving at your residence is to assess the situation and determine what got damaged and what did not. All of our FSTs at SERVPRO are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification program. And, we have experience in handling various types of situations related to fires. We use our training and experience to figure out the extent of the damage. We can do this by taking wipe tests of your building materials and contents to see if soot residues are present.

Once our FSTs know how far the smoke-related issues have spread, we then test clean the affected items. During the test cleaning stage, we utilize various chemicals and methods so that we know what works best for each affected surface inside your home.

If anything ever burns inside your house, call SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8991 24/7.

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Your Pottsville Home Flooded. How Should You Begin to Clean Your Home?

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Your Pottsville Home Flooded.  How Should You Begin to Clean Your Home? This home suffered water damage after flooding. We removed the flooring and made flood cuts to dry the home.

Cleaning Up Your Pottsville Home after a Flood

Flooding can leave any Pottsville home damaged in multiple ways, but one of the most insurmountable tasks is cleaning up the mess this disaster can leave behind. Our team has an entire division of cleaning technicians with experience and continued training with the latest products, equipment, and practices to make sullied areas of your residence like new again. These same professionals arrive to help set up mitigation and continue their efforts through the restoration phases of recovery. 

A significant flood damage effect for your Pottsville property can be the mud, debris, and potential contaminants in all exposed areas of your house. While our SERVPRO team can work initially to remove any standing water and begin to dry up the saturation and exposure of specific construction materials and areas of the house, these machines do little for the residues and dirt film left behind on surfaces, contents, and structural elements. 

Our professionals work to wipe down all of the exposed surfaces for materials that can stay installed after light exposure to natural flooding. Many of the heavily saturated areas must get removed and replaced, which can take much of the debris, mud, and potential contaminants with them. When these materials get reinstalled shortly, our cleaning technicians also provide post-reconstruction cleanup. 

For exposed contents in the damaged areas, many of these items must get removed from the property and transported to a nearby facility of ours with our contents department. Here, these items can get focused on cleaning, drying, disinfection, and storage until it is the right time to return them to a fully restored home. The determination of which items are a loss, and which can get preserved, happens during the initial inspection and walkthrough of the property. 

While cleaning might not always be the first thing that homeowners consider when they want to restore their property after a flood, it is an essential component to making flood effects “Like it never even happened.” You can trust in the experience and equipment of our SERVPRO of Pottsville cleaning technicians to help you through every phase of recovery. Give us a call anytime at (570) 622-8991. 

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Water Damage Remediation In Pottsville: What The Professionals Do

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Remediation In Pottsville: What The Professionals Do Water damage remediation in Pottsville is arduous and can be time consuming. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Content Management After Water Loss in Pottsville Homes

After water loss incidents move through your Pottsville home, many of your belongings, furniture, and fabric-based items like your drapes fall victim to these damaging effects. Homeowners need a swift and confident response from qualified professionals if they intend to protect and preserve these affected items. Our response team has a contents division capable of addressing pressing issues with your belongings and possessions both on-site and in our nearby facility.

Contents protection and management after water damage is never a one-size-fits-all approach for Pottsville residences. Our production management, estimators, and technicians of the content department all determine the best approaches to restoring and recovering each affected item. During the inspection of the property, overly damaged or saturated items get marked for removal. With safe practices designed to protect your belongings at all costs, we can transport these removed items to our nearby warehouse for focused attention.

We understand that there are often many items and furniture pieces that can be in the path of spreading water damage, and we have a large facility that can store a high volume of your possessions after cleanup, restoration, and drying occur. If conditions like mold, mildew, or fungal growth have begun, we can address these concerns as well before this situation gets out of control.

Our vault system in our warehouse can keep your items and belongings safe until it is time to return them to your fully restored residence. Our SERVPRO professionals monitor the climate-controlled facility, keeping these large vault boxes safe from contamination or adverse effects. Once our restoration efforts complete with our technicians on-site, we can utilize our advanced labeling system to return every individual item to its original location.

There are multiple concerns for water-damaged homes throughout our area, and our SERVPRO of Pottsville rapid response team can work quickly to help. We have the experience and the equipment to make water loss effects “Like it never even happened.” No matter when disaster strikes, give our qualified team a call at (570) 622-8991.

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We Are The Leader In Pottsville Water Damage Restoration

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial We Are The Leader In Pottsville Water Damage Restoration When you face water damage. call us right away, once on site, we quickly extract all of the water, and then get our drying equipment in place.

Commercial Water Damage in Pottsville Retail Stores can Leave Walls and Ceilings Stained and Ugly

The architecture in many stores and shops in retail sections of Pottsville can help create dramatic displays and backdrops. Creating appealing scenes increases customer demand for such featured products. Keeping the areas involved clean is essential to maintaining not only the building but also the increase in profits.

The walls in retail stores in Pottsville that harbor commercial water damage might not have the crisp appearance required for beautiful displays. Ceilings in these areas can also look dull, spotty, or otherwise full of stains. Painting over stained areas only works for a short time until the stains bleed through and ruin the last coat of paint.

The water damage specialists at SERVPRO know how to trace water damage back to its source. Without this knowledge, the effects and signs of water damage often reappear a short time after workers finish mitigation and clean up work. Bleeding through new paint happens because of the particles that continue to discolor newly painted surfaces as they work their way back to the surface.

With moisture meters, we can check to ensure that the surfaces hold no moisture before repainting, but we first use infrared cameras that provide us with a clear image of the temperature variations in the building's interior. Cooler areas indicate damp sections, and we can, in real-time, use this to locate leaks, drips, or other openings in the structure that let rain or snow into the building.

We repair these areas as part of our mitigation services, helping keep future problems from affecting your retail store in the future. We want your business to succeed and flourish. We use the latest technology available because we want to provide our customers with results they can rely on for years after we finish.

SERVPRO of Pottsville has teams who also serve businesses in Ashland, Pine Grove, and Schuylkill Haven, helping keep water damage from harming commercial sites of all sizes. Contact our emergency services line by calling (570) 622-8991, day or night, year-round.

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Don’t Try and Remediate Flood Damage in Your Pottsville Home Alone-Contact SERVPRO

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Don’t Try and Remediate Flood Damage in Your Pottsville Home Alone-Contact SERVPRO Flood damage can take over your whole home quickly. Contact SERVPRO today to handle any size remediation needs.

Decontamination and Disinfection for Flooded Pottsville Homes

Not all flood incidents that could affect Pottsville properties come with threats of contamination and hazardous conditions, but in some instances, this can be the case. In gray areas where professionals cannot accurately determine the likelihood of this potential contamination, water must get treated as though it has encountered various levels of bacteria and contaminants along its path to flooding your home. With these protocols in place, our professionals must act quickly to protect as much of your home as possible.

There are various levels of potential hazard that water could experience before it causes flood damage to your Pottsville home. In situations like roof damage, rainfall does not have a chance to encounter contaminated elements, so our SERVPRO professionals can follow normal water loss approaches to dry and recover the property. In situations where grey or even black water could exist, disinfection, cleaning, and even controlled demolition must occur.

Knowing what your property needs when restoring flood damages begins with accurate inspection and assessment of the home. Our estimator and management can walk through the house together to determine the likelihood of contamination and the best approach to contain these effects from impacting other areas of the house. Through physical barriers with plastic sheeting, extraction equipment, and units like hydroxyl generators and air scrubbers we can reduce the spread of contamination.

Disinfection plays a role in persevering structural elements that do not meet the requirements for removal and later replacement. To prevent the continued life and spread of bacteria, we have OSHA-approved cleaning agents and disinfection products that can remove contamination from the beams, studs, and framework of your property as recovery and restoration continue. In situations like the saturation of construction materials, controlled demolition practices by our SERVPRO team can safely remove these contaminated elements and prepare the area for reconstruction.

There are many types of flooding that can occur in your home, but our SERVPRO of Pottsville team can help to guide your property through the necessary steps to make the damages “Like it never even happened.” You can reach our emergency response team 24/7 at (570) 622-8991.

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Pottsville Property Owners Can Rely on SERVPRO for Fire Damage Cleaning of Possessions Off-Site

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Pottsville Property Owners Can Rely on SERVPRO for Fire Damage Cleaning of Possessions Off-Site SERVPRO, Pack-Outs, Off-Site Cleaning--We Offer Fire Damage Mitigation to Our Pottsville Neighbors

Choosing the Best Way to Pack Up and Transport Fire-Damaged Items for Restoration in Pottsville

Many times after a fire occurs in Pottsville, the family decides that they want the restoration of their belongings to happen at our facility. Other times, they want to look over items when they feel less stressed, so they can decide what to do with all of their possessions. SERVPRO understands that there is no one option, and is ready to work with you to find the best choices that fit your needs.
After a fire, your Pottsville residence's interior is covered in blackened soot and showing charred remains, having some control over the fire damage and how we eliminate it can help put things in a brighter perspective for you. One of those options is how your belongings end up where you want them.
If the destination is SERVPRO's facility, we can provide you with a pack-out service that includes inventorying of each box, as well as the organization of boxes according to not only which room they came from but the type of cleaning and restoration they need. We can use a scanning system and a tagging system for inventory control. Many families who want us to clean these items as quickly as possible often choose this option. We can do a thorough job of off-site cleaning and removing the soot, soil, and smoky residues from the belongings.
Other times, victims of fire damage want to check their belongings after they have settled their families after the disaster. This method works well for those whose belongings only come from a few rooms or when the area damaged by fire contained mainly storage boxes, and other rarely used things.
Some families want SERVPRO to handle all of the details of their property's restoration, from necessary cleaning, demolition, and reconstruction, as well as the soot-covered belongings that made their home comfortable. However, just as we use partners who specialize in electrical components, plumbing, and other aspects of a house, we also partner with trust-worthy professional moving companies for massive move-outs. Our goal is to remove belongings while the cleanup work begins and to clean and secure the items at our facilities until the home is ready to receive the belongs back.
One of the benefits of using SERVPRO to provide pack out services is a continuity of services, while on the other hand, customers benefit from having additional SERVPRO professionals working on their home's restoration.
SERVPRO of Pottsville can explain how each option can help your family recover from fire damage. We serve residents in Saint Clair, Frackville, and Schuylkill Haven. Contact us by calling (570) 622-8991, day or night, any day of the year.

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SERVPRO Serves Up Rapid Response to Commercial Flood Damage in Pottsville Diner

4/22/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Serves Up Rapid Response to Commercial Flood Damage in Pottsville Diner No matter what flood disaster you have going on in your business, we have the team to restore it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Flood Damage is Our Specialty At SERVPRO

When commercial flood damage happens, we know the clock started ticking on water loss to the structure and contents plus revenue loss from the moment the water intrusion occurred. This is especially true for brick and mortar businesses that rely on foot traffic in their establishment for sales such as a diner.

Heavy rains can bring on flash foods causing commercial flood damage that should always be professionally mitigated. SERVPRO technicians are certified explicitly in a diverse array of restoration sciences and can handle any size water loss situation. Our goal is to restore your flood-damaged Pottsville business to its preloss condition as quickly as possible.

Even though our emergency response teams arrive within hours of the initial call, often there is little to no standing water. Technicians use extraction wands to remove any remaining water. The problem then becomes tracking where the moisture has gone. Drywall is very good at wicking moisture upward and becomes damaged as it does so.

Water can seep under flooring and saturate the subfloor while the area on top appears dry. All of these scenarios are a perfect set up for both mold and foul odors which become more significant problems later. That is why our technicians spend additional time carefully extracting and tracking moisture before we dry the property. Drying goals are set, and the process carefully monitored until completed to ensure mold is not an issue after the fact.

SERVPRO technicians are certified in the science of psychrometry, or the study of air and water vapor. They use this expertise to angle powerful air movers to cause water vapor inside flooring and other areas to rise and then it is captured by dehumidifiers and removed from the property. In this way, we can deeply dry structures quickly and save more building materials from the need for replacement in the process.

Once dry, our technicians wipe surfaces affected by water with our professional-quality solutions that both disinfect and deodorize. We know businesses that serve the public food items have specific sanitary standards they need to meet for health department regulations for safety, and we meet or exceed those goals.

SERVPRO of Pottsville is available at (570) 622-8991 when you need help eliminating commercial flood damage in your property. Our emergency response teams are available 24-hours a day to make your water loss "Like it never even happened."

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