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Can Wet Cabinets Survive After Water Damage Repair in Pottsville?

1/14/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with water all over the floor Wet cabinets require quick attention. Team SERVPRO is standing by 24/7 for your water damage remediation needs. We are available 365 days a year.

SERVPRO Uses Clever Techniques for Water Removal Around Pottsville Built-Ins

Shelving and built-in cabinets are beautiful, convenient, and common in kitchens, dining rooms, laundry areas, and other spaces prone to water damage in Pottsville. Water damage restoration of these fixtures is nearly always less disruptive and preferable to tear-outs and replacements, especially if the cabinetry is part of your home’s cozy ambiance. 

How Does Water Reach Cabinets to Damage Them?

Encircling the perimeters of living spaces in your Pottsville home are custom-made units providing places to store items, offering their top surfaces as workstations or displays. Often plumbing runs under or behind these cabinets, and a hidden burst pipe can trap water and damage the fixtures. Other ways water exposes cabinets to water’s swelling and odors include:

  • Condensation from AC coils or drains
  • Overflowing drip pans from freezers or refrigerators
  • Cracked supply lines to ice makers or water dispensers
  • Tucked away, leaky HVAC system components--vents, radiators
  • Malfunctioning garbage disposal, dishwasher, or washing machine hoses, pumps, or drains
  • Unaddressed spills

What Water Damage Do Wet Cabinets Sustain?

  • Wooden framing, shelves, and raised floors swell and distort
  • Supports weaken, and joints loosen or break
  • Doors warp and stick or fail to close cleanly
  • Odors and mold growth develop

Does SERVPRO Have Practical Hints for Water Removal Without Permanent Damage to Fixtures?

Removing the water trapped beneath or behind the cabinets is crucial, even after the remediation of the leaks causing the damage. Here are some ways SERVPRO technicians release the water:

  • Toe kicks at the bases of the cabinets are removable -- prying them off gives access to trapped water and permits the flow of  warm, moving air to accelerate drying
  • Holes drilled in cabinet backs allow for the use of negative pressure systems to extract water and positive pressure systems to force warm, dry air into the wet cavities

Place your confidence and cabinets into the skilled hands of SERVPRO of Pottsville’s technicians. Call (570) 622-8991 if water damage threatens built-in cabinets.

How Can You Manage Mold Damage in Orwigsburg?

1/9/2022 (Permalink)

mold damage on the walls and ceiling of a room When you see or smell mold, quick action is required. Contact SERVPRO to handle the mold damage situation in your family home.

Orwigsburg Mold Remediation Offers a Fresh Start, Why SERVPRO Is a Top Choice

Mold damage in Orwigsburg is the last thing a homeowner wants to confront. Although media coverage of black mold infestation often sounds an alarm, take solace that proven mold abatement methods exist and are available in our community.

Why Does SERVPRO Emphasize Mold Remediation Instead of Mold Elimination?

Mold spores are endemic in Orwigsburg. They are a benign fact of life, microscopic in size and causing no issues until they encounter water. With excess moisture as the fuel, mold spores germinate and explode into rapidly expanding colonies. A company that promises to remove all mold damage and eradicate spores from your property sadly is perpetuating an impossibility. We believe the best approach involves following the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s remediation protocol, which is why SERVPRO is a leader in sustainable mold damage solutions.

What Is the EPA’s Mold Remediation Protocol?

The EPA urges the following steps for mold inspections, remediations, and removal. Considerable research underlies this method, why SERVPRO chose it for Orwigsburg customers:

  • Ensure technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid tracking moldy materials into unaffected home spaces. 
  • Locate the mold, determine the infestation perimeter using visual inspection, and add moisture detection or mold testing if some growth hides in building cavities.
  • Contain the mold remediation workspace with 1.6 mil polyethylene and negative pressure air scrubbing equipment, preventing residue drift. 
  • Remove active mold growth with mechanical strategies, including scraping, brushing, scrubbing, or controlled soda, dry ice, or corn cob blasting.
  • Clear excess spores and residues with wipe downs and HEPA-filtered vacuums.
  • Bag and lawfully dispose of the hazardous moldy waste.
  • Apply EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit mold damage rebound. 
  • Eliminate the water sources that could generate repeated mold growth.

Treating mold damage remediation as a sustainable process is why SERVPRO of Pottsville ranks among the community’s restoration leaders. Call (570) 622-8991 to learn about your options, especially how to mitigate the water damage underlying mold damage.

The Importance of a Walkthrough Before Starting Fire Restoration in Pottsville Homes

12/20/2021 (Permalink)

a soot covered wall from fire damage The soot and smoke remaining in your home after a fire can quickly cause further damage. Contact SERVPRO to assess and then remediate the fire damage.

SERVPRO Evaluates Fire Damaged Property to Establish Loss Levels and Homeowner Preferences

When you call professionals to restore your Pottsville home after fire damage, you expect them to take different actions to address the problem. One thing that you might overlook is the need for a walkthrough before the process starts. Alternatively, you might leave the team to evaluate the damage on their own since the step does not seem crucial.

Walkthroughs can significantly impact fire restoration processes in Pottsville homes since they help reveal crucial information about the loss early enough. Our SERVPRO crew chiefs perform the walkthrough immediately on arrival at your property, confirming the information provided during the briefing about the incident. 

The process also helps reveal:

  • Additional issues or items overlooked in the initial briefing
  • Personal preferences of the property owner
  • The layout of the property for optimal planning

Involving a property owner during the walkthrough is crucial since it can help fast-track the other restoration tasks that follow. Completing the restoration in good time helps reduce costs and inconveniences for the homeowner.

The other crucial fire restoration processes include:

  • Staging the loss site for better resource utilization
  • Content management, including manipulation or move-outs
  • Demolition to remove unsalvageable materials
  • Finishing processes such as repainting and deodorization

A significant portion of fire restoration involves cleaning different materials, ranging from fabrics to hard materials. Although cleaning depends on the resources like machines and chemical agents utilized, planning also plays a crucial role in the outcome. For instance, identifying corrosive residues during the initial review allows pre-emptive steps such as pre-cleaning or applying protective oil coatings on vulnerable materials to prevent staining.

SERVPRO of Pottsville can help you take the right action immediately after a fire incident, simplifying fire restoration. Call us at (570) 622-8991 to help manage the loss at your property, “Like it never even happened.”

Which Techniques Help With Frozen Pipes and Ice Damming Prevention in Pottsville Homes?

12/13/2021 (Permalink)

icicles hanging off of the gutters of a house When the weather changes to cold, prevention measures for freezing pipes need to be implemented. Contact SERVPRO to help. We are standing by 24/7.

SERVPRO Focuses on Temperature Management Preventing Freezing in Properties

Freezing poses a significant risk of water damage for Pottsville residences. Frozen pipes and ice dams are the two common issues that lead to water damage. With the appropriate information, it is possible to prevent them, thus eliminating water damage, inconveniences and hefty restoration costs.

Most aspects of frozen pipes and ice damming prevention in Pottsville homes must be handled proactively. However, even when the cold season is already underway, it is still possible to take preventive actions. Involving a professional team like SERVPRO can help you take the correct actions before or during the cold season.

Crucial actions that help prevent pipes from freezing include:

  • Insulating pipes in exposed areas such as exterior walls
  • Insulating exposed house sections such as attics and basements
  • Maintaining constant temperatures of at least 55° F

As you might have noticed, temperature regulation is the critical step in preventing pipes from freezing. Our SERVPRO technicians use their expertise to determine whether you have sufficient insulation in the vulnerable sections of your property. We also confirm that your heating systems and accessories, such as thermostats, are fully functional.

For ice dams, the critical step in preventing them is understanding how they form. In most cases, uneven heating of the roof is the genesis of the problem. There are three phases in the process, starting with the first when parts of the exterior roof warm from escaping attic heat. The snow accumulates on the eaves, and on the roof where it is colder. Finally, the water melting on the warm roof forms a dam and can penetrate below the shingles, causing water damage.

Preventing ice dams can take different actions depending on the layout of your property:

  • Sealing and insulation HVAC and exhaust ducts
  • Better attic insulation to keep heat away from the roof
  • Ventilating eaves and ridges

SERVPRO of Pottsville can help you take the necessary actions for frozen pipes and ice damming prevention. Call us at (570) 622-8991 for assistance in winter-proofing your home.

What Does It Take To Complete Water Damage Repair in Orwigsburg Business Premises?

12/5/2021 (Permalink)

water marks on the ceiling of a room from water damage When water damage occurs on your commercial property, the key is quick action to prevent further deterioration. Contact SERVPRO immediately.

SERVPRO Bases Decisions on the Level and Location of Damage Within a Property

Water damage at your workplace can cause significant inconveniences or leave you with massive repair bills. An even bigger headache is not knowing how to plan the response. Failure to provide enough resources or using too many resources can create additional problems that hamper your water damage repair efforts. 

Leaving water damage repair at your Orwigsburg premises to a professional team eliminates most of the uncertainty. Since SERVPRO can evaluate factors including moisture spread patterns and distinguish the implications of materials affected during the incident, it is possible to manage the process for optimal results.

A successful repair process takes:

  • Removal of all standing water and drying the wet materials
  • Replacements of heavily deteriorated materials
  • Addressing any microbial growth processes 

The water removal step plays a crucial role in determining the level of repairs needed in your property. Completing extraction in good time is one way to limit damages since materials keep deteriorating the longer they remain submerged. However, the right approach is still necessary even when trying to expedite water extraction. For instance, if you have carpeted areas such as lobbies or offices, aggressive extraction can delaminate carpets. SERVPRO provides specialized extraction equipment such as weighted water claws or ride-on rovers that squeeze the water out aiding faster, yet safer extraction.

Many structural materials do not survive water exposure because of physical or other changes. For instance, swelling, warping, crumbling, or loss of insulating properties are common outcomes. SERVPRO structural drying IICRC-certified technicians inspect the property to determine what needs replacement. 

Damage from water exposure in structure can manifest as:

  • Flaking of painted surfaces
  • Matting, rusting, and loss R-value for insulation
  • Rusting of metal items

Apart from removing the intrusion water, our SERVPRO technicians help rehabilitate physically damaged areas. When restoring painted surfaces, we scrape the flaking, apply a filler and then sand the area before applying a fresh coat of paint. Other procedures are necessary to address rusting or microbial growth.

SERVPRO of Pottsville ensures water damage repair minimizes the inconveniences and costs for your commercial establishment. Call us at (570) 622-8991 for assistance that makes the incident "Like it never even happened.”

Do Water Leaks Cause Permanent Floor Damage In Your Orwigsburg Home?

11/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians have the training and equipment for any size water damage disaster. No matter the size we have you covered.

SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration Professionals Can Reduce and Restore Floor Damage in your Orwigsburg Home.What Type of Damage Does Water Cause to Flooring?

The floors of your Orwigsburg home are a composite of surface material, subfloor, and framework. Water naturally migrates, which, depending on the length of exposure and quantity of water, can affect your floor construction. Properties with carpeting also include a carpet pad, which typically breaks apart or deteriorate with exposure moisture. Assessing the amount of damage that water causes to flooring requires special measuring devices and, in some cases, removal of physical barriers to gain access to the lower regions of the floor construction. SERVPRO technicians can perform an expert analysis before tailoring a restoration procedure for your home.

What Tools are Used to Assess Floor Damage?

- Moisture probes and sensors for non-invasive inspection methods

- Thermal imaging cameras or Boroscopes to assess hidden cavities or materials within walls

- Deconstruction of the floor or removal of carpets for visual inspection for properties with extensive damage or long-term water exposure

When Should I Consider Replacing Flooring?

Some floor materials are more resilient and therefore respond better to water damage restoration methods in your Orwigsburg home. Expensive flooring like masonry or hardwoods is generally more time and cost-efficient to restore rather than replace. We use a range of psychrometric equipment- like air movers, dehumidifiers, or venting fans- and cleaning methods to regain flooring. Often a hardwood floor can be dried and cleaned before returning to apply a new finish. Where there is extensive damage, SERVPRO can use sandblasting equipment to even out signs of cupping or warping.

What are Cheap Flooring Materials to Replace?

- Carpets and carpet pads

- Linoleum or other vinyl materials

- Laminate flooring

Using a professional technician to restore your home may be cost-efficient after a water emergency. Contact SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8991.

Does Drying Equipment Need to Run All the Time after Flooding?

11/13/2021 (Permalink)

Here to Help Storm and flood damage mitigation is no DIY project. Call SERVPRO for fast and immediate service. We are here to help.

Pottsville Homes Benefit from SERVPRO's Aggressive Drying Service

After a storm causing flooding, many homes and businesses in Pottsville need the water and debris removed, homes repaired, and restored to their original condition. Our clients often ask us whether the air movers and dehumidifiers need to be running all of the time? Can they turn them off during office hours or at night when they are trying to sleep?

SERVPRO provides flood water removal services to the city of Pottsville and surrounding areas. Our team initially removes all of the debris and water that may have entered your home. We also provide board up services to cover broken windows, damaged roofs, and doors. The next stage involves cleaning everything salvageable and removing the rest. Finally, our moisture removal equipment is installed to dehumidify the air and draw out all of the excess moisture that remains in the structure.

The most efficient approach is to operate the equipment continuously until moisture levels return to normal. Turning the air movers and dehumidifiers off extends the time needed to completely dry your home and increases the risk of mold colonies becoming established and causing more damage.

Everything Was So Damp, and Now the Air in Our House Feels So Dry

The air in your home may feel dry; however, high levels of moisture may still exist in walls, carpets, and your home's contents. SERVPRO monitors the humidity levels and adjusts the equipment to target specific areas that may require further drying. All materials do have a natural moisture content level; this is the goal we strive to reach.

Moisture in these areas can migrate into your home's dry air.  Once your home reaches a standard RH Relative Humidity, all of our equipment is removed. Restoration of the floodwaters' damage can also begin, returning your home to its original condition.

Call SERVPRO of Pottsville (570) 622-8991 to assist with flood water removal and restoration of your home or business.

What Is Necessary for Safer Management of Fire Damage in Pottsville Properties?

11/5/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo SERVPRO techs use OSHA-approved gear for every disaster. Fire damage restoration is a job for us.

SERVPRO Uses Simple and Exceptional Resources to Guarantee Safety in Households Affected by Fires

Fire is one of the top hazards in households since it can start in an instant causing severe injury or even death. You may think of the danger as over once all the embers die down. However, restoring fire damage poses some risks too. 

One issue that exposes people to hazards after fire damage in Pottsville is the haste to repair the damaged areas. Health effects can arise from skin contact or inhalation of residues. Injuries are also common from falling objects, or sharp materials that are hidden within heaps of accumulated residues—involving a professional team like SERVPRO rather than rushing to fix things is prudent for safety reasons.

Simple actions drastically improve the safety levels during the restoration, including:

  • Wearing PPE such as rubber boots and heavy-duty gloves during restoration
  • Inspecting structure and fixtures for signs of weakness
  • Proper collection and disposal of debris

The combustion process results in many byproducts, including gases, aerosol, soot, and other fine residues. These materials are deposited on surfaces or remain suspended in the air. While minimal exposure is inevitable on entering the property, the exposure is much worse after disturbance from moving items or cleaning attempts. 

Our SERVPRO teams prioritize inspection at the beginning of the restoration, which helps reveal the type of residues present and other hazards. Vacuuming fine debris and bagging the rest helps create order, safeguarding everyone entering the property. 

SERVPRO of Pottsville can help manage fire damage safely, making it "Like it never even happened." You can reach us at (570) 622-8991.

Can Commercial Water Restoration Companies Prevent Long-Term Damage to Pottsville Businesses?

10/23/2021 (Permalink)

moisture meter Water damage to your commercial property is no easy task. SERVPRO technicians use the latest equipment and technology for every job.

Commercial Water Restoration Companies like SERVPRO Can Rescue your Pottsville Business

Water damages do not always appear as emergencies that cannot be ignored. Sometimes, a slow leak in your place of work can build up slowly over time. At first unnoticed, these slow leaks can increase the relative humidity in the premises, pave the way for bacteria or mold and discolor surrounding materials. With long-term exposure to moisture, materials commonly used in the building assembly can begin to degrade. Acoustical ceiling tiles can lose their color or shape from direct water exposure. Equally, plasterboard can start to weaken or disintegrate under consistent exposure. If you notice unpleasant odors, yellowing of building materials, or low water pressure in business premises, it could be a sign of water damage. Commercial restoration services can help:

  • Identify slow leaks 
  • Replace damaged materials
  • Clean and disinfect cavities

Enlisting commercial water restoration companies in Pottsville can help to secure your premises from permanent damage. SERVPRO uses local, qualified restoration technicians to identify water issues in a property and rectify them or any damage they may cause. We can detect potential water issues in a property by using advanced moisture measuring devices. These devices can test surfaces either through penetrating probes or non-invasively by measuring temperature changes on the surface of a material. We can also assess the impact of humidity or water vapor damage in a property and return it to a safe level to mitigate losses. 

  • Thermal hygrometers can help measure problematic humidity levels in a property that could cause mold or assess the likelihood of vapor damages occurring to ceiling tiles.
  • A penetrating moisture meter can help assess the depth of moisture absorption in soft materials such as upholstery or carpets and subfloors.
  • Moisture sensors can be used on larger areas such as wooden beams or drywall to determine whether water could be affecting the material.

Use professional water restoration services for your business. Contact SERVPRO of Pottsville for commercial water restoration companies at (570) 622-8991.

How Does Fire Damage Restoration Work for Orwigsburg Residents?

10/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fleet on the job late night. No matter the size of the fire in your home, SERVPRO has a team of experts ready at a moment's notice. Fire damage restoration is a job for us.

SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration Technicians in Orwigsburg Ensure your Property is Cleared of Debris, Odor, and Smoke Residues

While putting out the flames of a burning property may feel like the job done, the reality is that extensive repairs, cleaning, and odor control are required to return the home to its preloss condition. Fires affect property and contents in many different ways and therefore need many different methods to restore successfully. Some damages in the property may occur through direct contact with flames and leave behind charred furnishings or other fire debris deemed to be non-salvageable. Smoke that releases with fire can stain walls, cupboards, and ceilings. Fire odors may linger in a property for several weeks or months and provide an unpleasant reminder of the event. SERVPRO is a comprehensive restoration task force that can help you with:

  • Cleaning away soot and smoke
  • Removing odor
  • Disposal of fire debris

The main factor in fire damage restoration for Orwigsburg residents is the amount of time the fire burned and the temperatures involved. A quick high-temperature event such as when curtains catch fire generally releases lighter, dry soot in the form of smoke. These dry soot are typically easy to remove from walls or windows using vacuums and dry sponges. On the other hand, a smoldering fire that burns for an extended time generally releases greasy, oil-based smoke, which can be much more complex to clean. SERVPRO technicians have experience dealing with both types of smoke in residential properties and have the necessary technical equipment to ensure your home returns to its pre-fire condition. 

  • Our crew chiefs can arrange the rental of dumpsters, the removal of fire debris, and contents stored on your behalf.
  • Working closely with an adjuster and using a pre-testing toolkit, we can quickly understand how much damage a fire causes and a likely time frame for restoration. 
  • Our contents cleaning services use advanced methods such as ultrasonic cleaning tanks and odor removal solvents.

However severe a property fire is, we can return it to its preloss condition. Contact SERVPRO of Pottsville for fire damage restoration at (570) 622-8991.