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Proper Response Reduces Additional Living Expenses after Fire Damage Incidents in Pottsville

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage in kitchen For Fire damage in your Pottsville home, you need the best. Call SERVPRO at (570) 622-8991.

Deodorization and Clean Up After a Fire In Your Pottsville Home

Nobody looks forward to a fire incident at his or her property. However, when it happens, you should take it in stride and plan a response that minimizes the inconveniences that crop up after the incident. One set of inconvenience that a professional restorer can help reduce is the additional living expenses that you or your insurer has to cater to, in the aftermath of such a loss.

If the fire damage incident in Pottsville only affects a section of the property, it might be more convenient to stay put during the restoration eliminating the extra cost of seeking accommodation elsewhere. However, staying in a fire-damaged house may not be comfortable because of the odor and residues left on surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians help by sealing the affected section using boards or plastic sheets. We may also perform some deodorization steps, such as using masking agents, to counter the fire odor. That way, the inconvenience of staying in the house during its restoration is minimized.

After sealing off the affected area, we also clean up the utility areas within the house immediately since they are crucial for the continued habitation of the house. Main areas that require immediate action include:

The Kitchen

A Bathroom

A Bedroom

Laundry area

Some additional costs may pile up from secondary issues such as improper handling of contents affected by the fire. Clothes and other fabric materials collect significant amounts of soot and other residues. In the haste to clean them up, it is possible to damage them permanently if you use a regular laundry or dry cleaning service. Our SERVPRO team can handle or recommend the right cleaning services to ensure that residues do not set, causing permanent stains in your items, thus eliminating the extra cost.

Dealing with a fire incident can be expensive and inconvenient. Call SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8991 to help restore your home to preloss state. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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When Your Pottsville Party is Interrupted by Water Damage

1/15/2020 (Permalink)

drying mats on kitchen floor This party was interrupted by water damage. We drying mats to suction water from the kitchen floor.

Why Call SERVPRO to Help with Flood Damage in Pottsville? 

Whether it is storm season or another catastrophic event that has left you with water damage, hiring professionals is the best way to address flood damage in Pottsville. The good news is that you have all of the innovative technologies, proven cleaning methods, and the manpower necessary to get your home or business back to preloss condition when you work with SERVPRO. 

Along with the excessive amount of moisture present with a flood situation, you may also face several potential hazards. Working with the experts to address flood damage in Pottsville is the safest, most efficient way to get the results that you need. As with any water damage situation, the faster you take action, the more significant the difference in the level of damage to your structure, furnishings, and belongings. 

Packout Services 

There can be various contaminants in groundwater, so our team wearing protective gear can get through it to pull out any salvageable belongings. We work quickly to move furnishings to another location in the house and take any porous items or goods from the pantry out that could otherwise absorb floodwater. Typically, groundwater is category 3, contaminated with microorganisms, chemicals, and other debris.  


Before starting the full flood damage cleanup, our SERVPRO technicians test the water to see if contaminants and bacteria are present, which allows us to select the best methods and cleaning agents to proceed. In any situation that impacts the home with groundwater, we scope the flooring with moisture detection equipment to determine whether or not the subfloor calls for attention before and after the water extraction process. Water penetration and absorption into structural elements require thorough inspections and final standard moisture content levels before SERVPRO signs off on a job.  


The methods used for drying depends on the flooring type in your home. If you have tile glued down, it often disengages with water exposure, calling for full removal. However, inlaid tile and ceramic are typically safe from water penetration. SERVPRO technicians can place drying mats that we move about to dry the hardwood flooring. The joints harbor moisture that these mats can suction out. We also use high-power air movers and dehumidifiers to ensure the drying process is a success. 

Deodorization and Disinfection 

Once drying is complete, we commence with cleaning and disinfecting all of the surfaces impacted by water. We use high-strength disinfectants to eliminate unpleasant odors to restore your home to preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.” 

SERVPRO of Pottsville is ready to help whenever you need assistance with flood damage. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and available 24/7. Give our team a call at (570) 622-8991, and we can send out technicians as soon as possible. 

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Water Cleanup In Pottsville

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO for Complete Water Cleanup in Pottsville Properties

The two areas in the home with the most potential for water damage are the kitchen and bathroom. However, water may come from many different sources such as a leaking roof, flash flood, or a slow-leaking pipe in a wall or ceiling that suddenly gives way. The one thing all of these scenarios have in common is they require fast action to limit loss.

A portion of the Pottsville water cleanup calls SERVPRO technicians receive after the homeowner has done as much as they can to remove the water. However, musty odors or water appearing on floor tiles clues them in; there is more to be done.

Tracking Water Migration
When removal begins a period after the initial water loss event, there is very little standing water left to find visually. The techs use their moisture detection equipment to determine if they need to address issues behind baseboards, within the subfloor or ceilings and walls.  These are all standard places to find residual moisture that requires professional drying.

Professional Drying Equipment
The use of specialized equipment for drying is an essential part of the cleanup process. If the subfloor needs drying, SERVPRO techs carefully remove only the tile or floorboards necessary. Drying mats, air movers, and dehumidification equipment create a cycle of progressively drier air circulating and rapidly reduce air moisture levels allowing for complete dryness. The InjectiDry system is excellent for forcing air into small spaces such as wall cavities after removal of the baseboards. This access to advanced drying devices lets the area dry without the need for a controlled demolition to open the wall space.

Mold Prevention
Any time elevated moisture levels exist in a home, the formation of mold colonies is a threat. SERVPRO techs perform proactive treatments of surfaces and structural elements affected by water to ensure that mold is not an issue during or after the restoration services.

SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8991 stands ready to assist local property owners with any size water cleanup task needed and make it, “Like it never even happened.”

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Why We Are The Leader In Cressona Fire Damage Restoration

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

An electrical fire that started as a result of damaged wiring This home was damaged by an electrical fire that started as a result of this damaged wiring.

Effective Deodorization for Smoke Odors in Cressona Homes

Lingering odors present some of the most troublesome obstacles for Cressona homeowners to overcome after a fire loss. Addressing these concerns requires both the potent cleaning products available to our SERVPRO teams and the effective line of deodorizing equipment stocked in the production trucks of our Green Fleet. As challenging as many structure fires can become, many homeowners reach out to our professionals before the responding firefighters have even finished their work to ensure that our team is alert and prepared to begin mitigation and recovery as promptly as possible. 

Mitigation plays a substantial role in the successful recovery of Cressona fire damage. Our initial efforts can help to reduce the severity of the fire loss effects and to reduce both the overall losses to contents and construction elements throughout the residence. Our fast response, including our efforts to improve air quality and reduce present odors, can save our customers time and money on the restoration that the house needs after a fire. Deodorization involves the use of many practices, most of which depend on the severity and spread of the condition. 

Cleaning Surfaces

The focused fire damage removal of residues and soot throughout the house can help to reduce the severity of odors. In areas where the fire damage was most concentrated, wiping and foam cleaning practices, as well as more abrasive tactics like soda blasting, can noticeably limit the presence of strong smoke odors. 

Reduction Products 

Our SERVPRO team utilizes several products that can help to quickly reduce the severity and the spread of these smoke and noxious odors left behind after a fire. An excellent example of these products would be odor counteracting beads. These porous beads can absorb foul odors they attract and replace it with a pleasant odor. 

Deodorizing Equipment 

The most effective strategy to remove harsh odors left behind after a fire is the use of capable deodorization equipment, including thermal foggers, hydroxyl generators, and ozone machines. Many of these tools have dual functionalities, offering both filtration through onboard HEPA filters as well as varying deodorizing techniques. From UV spectrums to the creation of ozone, we have the right deodorization solution for your fire-damaged home. 

Odors can be a challenge to overcome after a fire, but our SERVPRO of Pottsville team has the equipment and expertise to help. Give us a call anytime at (570) 622-8991.

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We Have The State Of The Art Equipment Necessary To Restore Your Pottsville Home

12/3/2019 (Permalink)

Our drying equipment set up in a hallway drying the carpet Our team quickly got on site and began the extraction process and once all of the water was removed, we placed drying equipment out.

Water Damage Pottsville – Leaking Pipes for Clothes Washer

Many new two-story home builders are installing the washing machine and clothes dryer on the second floor of new homes. Builders also place the washer in a basin designed to catch any water leaks that might occur. But when a hose breaks or a connection works itself loose, water can quickly fill the basin and overflow onto the surrounding flooring. Before homeowners realize what is going on, water is pouring down the stairs or into adjacent rooms.

SERVPRO responds to many different water damage events in Pottsville and surrounding areas. We have over 60 years of combined restoration experience and have operated in the area for over two decades. We also have the equipment to remove moisture from difficult to access areas such as inside walls and under subfloors.

Removing Water from Flooring

Whether it is carpeting or hardwood flooring, SERVPRO can remove water damage and moisture that may have penetrated these areas. Hand operated vacuums can vacuum up water that may have pooled on hard surface floors, such as hardwood, linoleum, or tile floors. Weighted extractors are used on carpeting to remove water from carpets and under padding.

Difficult to Reach Areas

Occasionally water seeps into the subfloor or between walls as it travels to lower points in the home. SERVPRO has several moisture detectors available to assist in finding these moisture hot spots and avoid future mold problems. Infrared cameras, moisture sensors, and meters, as well as thermal hygrometers, are used to find these areas. We may need to drill holes in the walls to vacuum any water from the area as well as blow dry air into the cavity to dry the space.

Drying Hardwood Floors

Water can cause hardwood flooring to expand. Expansion may cause the wood to cup or in some cases, splinter and crack. SERVPRO may use desiccant dehumidifiers to remove humidity in rooms with hardwood flooring. It is more efficient than traditional dehumidifiers and works well with low evaporation materials.

Call SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8991 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Orwigsburg, Cressona, Schuylkill Haven, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Give Our Experts A Call As Soon As You Need Us In Pottsville

11/25/2019 (Permalink)

A ceiling caving in after a storm hit We put a tarp on the roof to prevent further water incursion, and then dried out the attic and walls with our advanced equipment.

Roof Breaches That Flood Pottsville Attic Spaces

During the winter months, especially, Pottsville homes can fall victim to several extreme weather conditions, including heavy snowfall to torrential rains. It does not take long for one of these compromising weather events to damage a roof, especially when heavy snow weighs on a roof for several days before the rainfall begins. Once any breach in your roof exists, water can begin to penetrate your attic space.

Stopping the flood damage to Pottsville homes is a combination of several divisions of our SERVPRO team working together for a common goal. Regardless of the severity of the situation, several steps must get taken immediately to prevent further migration of the flooding and to get the current conditions under control. In most cases, our mitigation team can work alongside licensed residential contractors to temporarily seal off penetration points in the plywood backing of the roof while we set up drying implements.

With more than two decades helping out flood-damaged homes, we have built relationships with reputable contractors that can help us to see your job to completion quickly. We know how traumatic loss incidents can become when you have to spend weeks or more waiting for someone to help. Especially with higher water volumes like flooding scenarios present, every moment counts.

Depending on how much water damages have spread throughout the attic space, we can usually address most of this saturation and higher moisture content with a chain of air movers positioned throughout this upper level. Smaller refrigerant dehumidifiers that are easier to maneuver take the place of our larger desiccants in these tighter spaces. Some exposed material might be too compromised to protect, including insulation in the direct path between the roof breach and the attic below. Our SERVPRO team can utilize our insulation vacuum to safely remove these damaged portions of material without sending considerable debris into the environment.

It is always a good idea to inspect your attic space after substantial, lingering snowfalls and torrential rains. The sooner you can recognize roof leaks and penetration points, the faster that you can address flooding and water losses. Give our SERVPRO of Pottsville team a call to help when you need us at (570) 622-8991.

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Our Water Damage Professionals Can Help After A Disaster In Your Pottsville Home

11/17/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged room Call (570) 622-8991 to have a team at your home within hours.

Tackling Dishwasher Water and Odor Removal in Pottsville

One appliance that homeowners are often blindsided by when a disaster occurs is the dishwasher. Damaged hoses or a cracked, dry gasket are enough to allow water and odors to seep into floors, walls, and adjacent fixtures. This can leave you with more on your hands than a simple appliance repair.

If an appliance failure means you need water and odor removal for your Pottsville kitchen, SERVPRO technicians are ready to step in and lend a helping hand. This team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to clean up when disaster strikes in your home, including weekends and holidays, because disasters do not happen on a 9-to-5 schedule. These professionals focus on minimizing the damage to your home can be restored to a preloss condition.

Preventing Dishwasher Water Damage
Homeowners can reduce damages and minimize disaster with a few simple tips:

    •    Maintain your dishwasher. Check the seals, look for signs of rust or clogged nozzles, and make sure hoses are not compromised or in a position that can cause damage.
    •    Check your water lines every 6 months. Call a professional if either line has any issues.
    •    Run the dishwasher when someone else is home with you. If a flood occurs, the best way to mitigate flooding is when someone else is with you. Dishwashers can flood without warning, leaving you with more damage to clean up if you are home alone.
    •    Install the right hardware. Make sure seals, hoses, and other items are made to fit your appliance, and that items like steel-braided hoses are made with the correct size and materials.

SERVPRO Focuses on Restoration
If you have water seeping into your kitchen floor after a dishwasher leak, SERVPRO can use infrared imaging to detect moisture in the subflooring or behind walls. Floor drying may be done from underneath the subfloor, depending on the extent of the damage. Laminate or vinyl floors may need some replacement after long-term exposure to water. Wooden fixtures, like cabinetry and furniture, can typically be dried back to normal with centrifugal air movers and industrial-grade dehumidifiers. SERVPRO's EPA-registered cleaners can ensure that your home is free of mold and other odor-causing issues.

SERVPRO of Pottsville is committed to serving the community with disaster mitigation, so you can enjoy a home that looks, “Like it never even happened.” Call (570) 622-8991 to have a team at your home within hours.

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We Have State Of The Art Equipment Necessary For Pottsville Flood Damage Restoration

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

A family room floor covered in a mess of materials after a storm blew through Contact our SERVPRO team to make it "Like it never even happened." Call us right away for best results.

Gas-Powered Pumps for Fast Flood Extraction in Pottsville Homes

Flooding scenarios can be devastating for homes and businesses throughout Pottsville, especially when property owners get taken by surprise. Instead of battling the effects of this disaster on your own, you can lean on the experience and cutting-edge equipment available to our SERVPRO team. We have numerous extraction devices ranging from smaller-scale light wands to the high-capacity truck-mount pumps for supreme water removal.

Choosing the right tool for the job might not seem complicated, but it is one of the critical factors in efficient flood water extraction for Pottsville homes. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in overcoming flood loss effects, as this disaster can follow storms and weather events happening in the area year-round. From heavy snowfalls and rains in the winter to prolonged soaking rains of the summer, many properties can suffer the destruction of fast-moving floodwater.

Rushing flash floods and rising natural flooding can quickly compromise area utilities, especially when electrical substations and transformers become submerged. Without power, our SERVPRO team can still help our customers to manage the hazardous effects within their homes, by utilizing both the power we can create with our trailered generators and our fuel-powered extraction machines. Implementing the generator opens up a much more extensive range of potential tools and equipment that we can use, but it is not always practical for the speed that work needs to begin.

Our professionals can also utilize our gas-powered trash pump to begin removing higher volumes of standing water from the flood damaged regions of your home. Because this runs on fuel and not electricity, we can begin extraction quickly after arriving. The feed of these extractors is continuous, so a single unit can often remove the majority of the standing water threat in a brief period.

There is never one single way to accomplish anything in the restoration world, and when situations have taken critical utilities like your electric service, we must think on our feet to provide the same high-quality result differently. Give our SERVPRO of Pottsville team a call to help anytime at (570) 622-8991.

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Real Risks of Floodwater in Your Pottsville Basement

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment on the floor of a room. SERVPRO knows the severity of your Pottsville floods and the damage that comes with it.

Let us help your Pottsville home from flood damage.

Flooding is not something that many Pottsville homeowners take lightly, but many put themselves at risk working to find the fastest route to drying up the damage. Instead of securing professional assistance, DIY restoration is on the rise. The more you know about the actual risks of doing this work yourself, the safer it can get accomplished, or you might see the benefits of having legitimate trained aid in your time of need.

There are distinct advantages to choosing our SERVPRO professionals to address flood damage in Pottsville homes, and it begins with the expertise of our technicians. Even in the realm of premier recovery services, few specialists have extensive training and education that our team does. From the earliest stages of developing and growing our roster, we have our entire staff accredited through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in Water Restoration (WRT.) These endorsements ensure that you always have qualified and knowledgeable experts available 24/7 if disaster strikes.

Numerous risks exist with addressing flood loss effects on your own, and in the basement level of your house, these hazards can be even dire. As a hub for your utility services, your electrical system can cause a harmful charge to the immediate water in the basement if the service is still live. You should always look to temporarily disconnect services before entering standing water that could have become electrified.

Because contaminants could exist in the water pouring into your home as well, especially from rising waters or flash flooding, you need to avoid direct contact without the appropriate personal protective equipment. Our SERVPRO team has a safe and thorough approach that can begin extraction with our initial arrival and work to get the area dried and disinfected as promptly as possible.

As tempting as it might be to attempt DIY restoration after a flood, many issues could be harmful to you or your family. Our SERVPRO of Pottsville team is always here to help however you need, from our full restoration packages to a second opinion on the work you have done to restore your home. Give us a call anytime at (570) 622-8991.

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Our Experts Discuss Three Tips To Help After A Flood In Your Pottsville Home

10/9/2019 (Permalink)

Burned furniture and charred walls in black soot. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Three Tips to Help When Your Pottsville Home is Going to Flood

There are many situations in which flooding can and does occur, but not without more than a day of notice for Pottsville residents. The worst of flooding must often wait for the steady rainfall to reach bodies of water and cause them to overflow, which does not always happen instantaneously. When you have some time before flooding could occur, there are some ways that you can keep your property safer before you leave.

Knowing what to do with looming disasters can be a stressful time, as for many residents, flood damage to their Pottsville home is inevitable. Even with preventative measures, many lower-lying properties are at too considerable of a risk for damming and sandbags to have the desired effect. There are several measures that you can take to reduce your personal loss in this overwhelming situation before our SERVPRO professionals arrive to help.

Gather What Is Most Important
Keepsakes, heirlooms, and photographs might not always have monetary value, but they can be a priceless possession to homeowners. If you know a flood situation is coming, gather up these belongings and take them with you if possible when you vacate the premises. You can better protect these belongings if they remain in your possession.

Turn Off Utilities in Your House
A considerable risk for recovery specialists after flooding is the unknowns about risks that could exist in the floodwater, such as an electrical current. By severing your service in your home, you can keep professionals safe as they work to remove standing water from your property and begin the steps of recovery.

Move Your Belongings
While you cannot take everything with you when you leave the house before the flooding, you can take some steps to move all of your belongings to a higher elevation, such as the second floor. By finding a place unlikely to become affected by the flood, you prevent the loss of these items as our SERVPRO team works on extraction and drying.

We strive to provide every customer with helpful information during a crisis because your safety and wellbeing is our priority. Flooding can be a challenge, but our SERVPRO of Pottsville team can show you that We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. Give us a call at (570) 622-8991.

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