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Is Successful Fire Restoration of My Retail Store Possible?

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

Inside view of SERVPRO truck- Restoration equipoment loaded and ready to go Each vehicle in our Green Fleet is loaded with restoration equipment ready to tackle your restoration project.

SERVPRO Knows What to do When Your Pottsville Store Presents with Fire Damage and Extensive Loss 

Sudden fire damage is devastating to any business owner, especially when the loss is extensive. Depending on the impact, your retail store in Pottsville may be closed for days or weeks, resulting in financial hardship. Hiring skilled technicians to handle the mitigation and restoration after a fire ensures you get back on your feet faster. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to have a team to count on when it seems all hope is lost. Our fast reaction time and proven techniques lessen loss and help you open your  doors quicker than DIY methods. 

How Fast Does Restoration Begin?

Once you have fire damage in Pottsville, calling SERVPRO to your retail location puts a Green Fleet at your door in as little as four hours. We start right in on the assessment after your commercial space is deemed safe for entry. Each day that your business is closed, you may lose clientele, and there is the potential for secondary damage from moisture and foul odors that settle in. We work fast to keep these short-term and long-term damages from taking hold. 

What Makes Your Crew Qualified for the Job? 

We have fire and smoke restoration technicians (FST) that have been through extensive training to handle the debris, soot, and smoke damage left after a fire. These projects call for cleaning off stubborn residues and other soils that become nearly impossible to touch using consumer-grade products. We know what works best on various surfaces to ensure that we achieve our goals while salvaging as much as we can from your retail store interior. The ability to clean residue from shelving, displays, counters and other furnishings inside your store is more cost-effective than needing to replace them. 

Testing Surfaces 

Our team conducts pre-testing on various surfaces to determine what type of smoke in Pottsville caused the damage. We follow the soil composition so that we can select the best strategies and cleaning solutions to be most effective. 

  •   Wet Smoke Deposits - produces a greasy-type smoke signature that responds best to oil-based solvents for cleaning.
  •   Dry Smoke Deposits –this produces a lighter signature, which responds best to dry wiping or brushing and water-based cleaning products or solutions.

Are There Contaminants in the Air?

With any fire damage project, particulates may remain airborne. These odor-causing particles do bond with other particulates in the air, allowing them to linger. Our team remains mindful of these particulates from the moment that we begin the restoration phases. We use a range of air purifying equipment and methods to capture foul odors and particulates that may disperse during cleanup. We follow along with a set of deodorization procedures, that include: 

  • Removal of the source of the odor
  • Carefully cleaning away all odor-causing residues from various surfaces
  • Re-creation of the conditions that lead to odor penetration
  • Sealing of specific surfaces, as needed 

For light smoke odor situations in your retail location, we clean with a solution such as our Wall and All Surface Cleaner. We also work to control vapor odors with the help of Instant Odor Counteracting Beads. Our crew also has access to thermal fogging technology, which disperses a solvent fog to bind with odor-causing particulates throughout the commercial space. 

In a more involved fire damage project where a heavy smoke odor is present, we may use activated oxygen, which helps us concentrate on the most contaminated areas. 

Why Might Pack-Out Services Be Necessary? 

Depending on the layout of your Pottsville retail store, moving out contents may help for several reasons. Limited space calls for the removal of items to allow more room for effective and smooth mitigation. Pack-out services will enable us to relocate contents to our SERVPRO facility for cleaning or a secured storage location while cleaning and restoration commence. Our crew is detailed and careful, working to avoid any breakage while maintaining an inventory of all contents. 

  • We create a checklist detailing which items need moving, which is an instrumental record to have for yourself and your insurance company.
  • Before disposing of any unsalvageable contents, they are cataloged for your records and your insurance adjuster. 

We handle the boxes' packing up, tagging all contents, and ensuring everything is transported safely to the warehouse. If necessary, we subcontract a moving company to handle the move. Once your retail store's interior gets restored, we move items back in and ensure that all areas are cleaned and sanitized so that it is “Like it never even happened.” 

SERVPRO of Pottsville is the team to call whenever you need help bringing your business back to life after taking on fire damage. Call (570) 622-8991 to have a creew deployed to begin assessment and restoration.

How Can I Protect My Pottsville Office from Migrating Flood Damages?

6/27/2020 (Permalink)

interior of an office completely flooded Flooding can literally overwhelm your office space. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation.

Our SERVPRO team can arrive fast during an emergency to establish containment barriers to protect undamaged areas of your commercial structure. 

Flooding damage does not always happen all at once in Pottsville commercial buildings. Whether the threat comes from a breach in the roof or masonry on the walls of the structure or floor drains backing up into the building from flooding conditions outside, some disasters arrive at a slower pace that can allow you to protect your office and other vital areas of the building.

A slower-paced emergency can protect some of your building's contents from irreparable damage, but it can also allow our team to manage commercial flood damage in your Pottsville building before it becomes overly destructive. We can arrive shortly after the first notice of loss, establish containment barriers, and monitor the progress of rising floodwater and migration. As much as we prioritize the recovery of exposed areas of the building, we also make it a point to prevent avoidable damage to the rest of the building whenever possible. 

What Happens if Flooding Damages My Office?

Whether a product of the floodwater affecting your office space immediately upon penetration or through migration from other areas of the structure, addressing these concerns is vital to get you back in business as quickly as possible. With specific approaches, we can work on removing water and moisture from the affected areas and then setting our sights on cleaning up lingering residues. The floor recovery process for your office often follows these steps after we have relocated the contents of the room in the path of the moving water.

Flood damage can be threatening to your building, but our SERVPRO of Pottsville team can arrive quickly during these emergencies to prevent the situation from worsening. Give us a call whenever you need us at (570) 622-8991.

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My Pottsville Storefront Sustained Water Damage, What Do I Do with All the Wet Items?

5/12/2020 (Permalink)

Leaking suspended ceiling For assistance 24/7 for any disaster, contact SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8991.

Our SERVPRO Technicians in Pottsville Address Impacted Items

When your interior design storefront in Pottsville sustains a water leak, you first shut off the source of water to ensure no further damage. Hopefully, the leak did not go undetected for very long. After closing off the source, the SERVPRO project manager assesses the losses and determines a course of action to ensure the contents of your storefront are appropriately cleaned and dried.

Can I Continue to Operate My Business During the Restoration Process?

SERVPRO Works Hard to Create the Least Amount of Disruption to Your Business
Our SERVPRO team understands the importance of quick recovery and getting your business back up and running. Commercial water removal in Pottsville has its challenges; you do not want your business to stop functioning. When the contents of your business sustain damage, it is essential to take care of it right away to make sure restoration is possible. One viable option is to remove the impacted contents to clean and dry them in a secure off-site facility.

What are the Three Phases for Managing Contents?
    •    Phase 1: Move-Out; Here, technicians provide an estimate, remove, and inventory the items.
    •    Phase 2: Cleaning and Deodorization; Here, our technician's clean items with specialty equipment and products.
    •    Phase 3: Move-Back; Here, our specialists perform another inventory and transport restored items back to your business.

Throughout the move-out and cleaning process, our restoration specialists keep careful inventory and communicate regularly, also identifying rush items that require additional care and speed to ensure you get them back as quickly as possible. While the contents are being cleaned, our team also works to remove excess moisture from your storefront.

For assistance 24/7 for any disaster, contact SERVPRO of Pottsville at (570) 622-8991.

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Does SERVPRO have a ERP for our Pottsville Fire Damage?

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

An upstairs hallway of a stairwell that has fire damage. SERVPRO has what you need when it comes to your Pottsville fire damage.

SERVPRO Has Emergency READY Profiles for Fire Recovery for Pottsville Businesses.

You cannot predict the time and origin of disasters in your Pottsville school. With the unpredictability and multiple potential causes of emergencies like fire losses, our SERVPRO professionals stay prepared for these disasters as much as possible. Readiness is a staple of the work that we do, and that involves understanding what a property like your school needs to get back to normal and the appropriate containment strategies to prevent cross-contamination of fire loss effects while restoration and mitigation get underway.

Preparing for disasters might not mean predicting them, but it can mean having the right planning in place to address the immediate needs of water and fire damage in Pottsville schools Considering the several hundred students and thousands of family members connected to the school when disasters strike, it is relieving to make the appropriate provisions in advance, so there is no delay in our qualified professionals responding after the first responders turn the property back over.

An Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP) is a free service that we can offer commercial customers and property management before emergencies occur. Our crew chief and project management can sit down with school personnel to get the layout of the premises and the positioning of vital construction elements like utility shutoffs, exits, and prioritized content retrieval and protection. After extinguishment, there can often be a need for water removal and drying, as well as other emergency services. These tasks can get delayed or entirely stalled by technicians going through the appropriate clearance channels to get approval.

ERPs are an accessible app available to the overseeing personnel for the school and our SERVPRO professionals as well amid a crisis. This application designates our team as the responding technicians in an emergency, making sure that our experts reach the damaged area to begin mitigation and restoration to get children back in classes as soon as possible.

Emergency READY Profile Plans can save money and time for your area school, despite how damaged the structure might be by getting our SERVPRO of Pottsville team there quickly to help. No matter what your institution needs after a fire, our professionals can help when you call (570) 622-8991.

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Flooding In Your Pottsville Grocery Store

2/24/2020 (Permalink)

grocery after damage Give our SERVPRO of Pottsville team a call anytime at (570) 622-8991.

Cleaning Tile Floors After Pottsville Grocery Store Flooding

Flooding can leave a considerable mess to clean up in your Pottsville grocery store. However, with the right approach happening immediately, we can get the doors back open quickly to your business. Not all of the flooding that can damage your facility welcomes potential contaminants and bacteria. However, when it does, it is more vital than ever for extensive cleaning to start right away. Considering that the flooring material in the store is either concrete or tile, cleaning these surfaces can often happen without requiring removal or resurfacing.

Navigating potential contaminants and flood damage to Pottsville businesses is one of the initial tasks for those given the job of scoping the work to get completed. Understanding the necessity of designating the right tools and personnel to the drying and cleaning of the building can showcase our commitment to completing recovery efforts as soon as possible. With grocery stores, there is the added threat of the effect of these contaminants or bacteria on the stocked shelves – which can often lead to an irrefutable loss for the business that worsens the longer restoration takes to begin.

Tile and concrete flooring can be the most exposed surfaces to the standing water, meaning that after extraction, these are the materials that require the immediate attention of our SERVPRO restorers. Cleaning these floors can reduce the development of microbial and bacterial threats in the property that can worsen with time.

While disinfectants and biocides are vital to eliminating pressing contaminant concerns, our professionals must also consider the staff and customers following in after restoration. Instead of harsh smelling chemicals like chlorines, we might utilize phenolics or botanical compounds instead for less of an uninviting smell for whoever enters the property during the final stages of restoration.

We must act quickly after a flood to protect both the building and the products in your store from the harmful effects that can quickly spread. With potent cleaning products and practical cleaning tools and techniques, we can make flood losses “Like it never even happened.” Give our SERVPRO of Pottsville team a call anytime at (570) 622-8991.

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Restoring First Floor Apartments After Flood Loss in Pottsville

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

Flood water in home Flood damage in your Pottsville property? Don’t let moisture take over, call SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Can Save Your Property From Flood Damage in Pottsville

Flooding from rising creeks and streams surrounding Pottsville neighborhoods can put your apartment complex at risk. Because the first floor of the apartment units sits below street level, moving surface water can find a fast path through the property and into all of the individual residences on that level. As a preferred vendor in the area for insurance claims and property management firms, we can oversee the restoration of all of these units simultaneously.

Natural disasters can displace residents and can add to the urgency of restoring flood damage in your Pottsville apartment complex. With several feet of standing water in the split level first floor of the building, extraction efforts are vital to get an understanding of how widespread losses are and what contents and construction materials have become affected by the migrating floodwater. We work with your insurance company, your renters, and you to provide a solution that fits everyone’s needs as much as possible.

Even with a shorter discharge distance, the ideal choice for extracting floodwater with expected solids and contaminants is our truck-mount extractor. Given the circumstances, we can direct this continual water flow into a sanitary sewer system to not overload inside drainage systems or potentially clogged or slow-moving culverts contending with excessive debris and other threats. Once most of the surface water has gotten addressed, we can begin muck-out cleaning.

Shoveling and content disposal all help to reduce the presence of bacteria and other microbes that can develop into mold threats. Much of this risk can also get reduced with the application of air movers and other evaporative drying equipment. Our SERVPRO ready trailers at our warehouse have gotten stocked with more than 100 air movers to stay prepared for even substantial drying needs like a damaged apartment complex.  

Apartment buildings can serve as the residence for dozens of families, which can mean a need for moving quickly when disasters strike. When multiple units have suffered the effects of a flood, our SERVPRO of Pottsville rapid response team can arrive quickly to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (570) 622-8991.

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Is Flood Damage on the Menu of Your Pottsville Restaurant?

8/26/2019 (Permalink)

Inside of restaurant Storms can quickly cause flooding in basement storage areas in restaurants. SERVPRO can dry it in a jiffy!

Preventing Flooding from Closing Your Pottsville Restaurant 

Many of the Pottsville properties have underground levels for cellar or basement storage. Subterranean floors are still a common element to new construction in the area, and yet, these same spaces are always the most susceptible to flooding and other disasters. As the owner of a restaurant, a flood can be devastating in multiple ways. While it puts your entire investment in furniture and fixtures at risk, it also presents the possibility of contamination depending on the circumstances. 

When flood damage in a Pottsville restaurant gets contained exclusively to this lower level, the main floor of your business is still at risk from hazardous effects and conditions. While immediate threats of standing water against your booths and tables are less severe, professionals like our SERVPRO team still must act quickly to protect your restaurant with fast extraction, drying, and disinfection efforts. 

It can be impossible for the average property owner not only to address standing water within the lower levels of their building but to understand the spread of this condition entirely. Our team arrives with sophisticated discovery devices to aid in identifying moisture pockets and damp areas beyond the surface. Our full understanding of where moisture exists can reduce the need for tear-out and reconstruction. 

Flooding can quickly develop secondary conditions like mold growth, so our SERVPRO team sets up containment as soon as possible.  Barriers prevent the spread of this organism beyond the damp depths of the basement. You can continue to operate your restaurant provided that these services do not directly interfere in areas that need drying, repairing, or remediating. 

Because We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, we can help to protect supports, joists, and other exposed materials from saturation and deterioration from the flooding. We can utilize powerful antimicrobial sprays to limit the growth of mold spores.  We also work to disinfect structural elements in case contamination is an issue. 

We look out for your business in every way that we can, and it is our priority to work to keep your doors open throughout the restoration or to get them back open immediately following the recovery efforts. You can count on the fast response and experience of our SERVPRO of Pottsville team. Call us 24/7 at (570) 622-8991.

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Fire Damage Remediation in Pottsville? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let fire damage take over your store. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Professional Restoration of Commercial Fire Damage in Your Pottsville Electronics Shop is Crucial

Fire does not discriminate, and if your electronics shop in Pottsville is affected, you can incur severe financial losses. The bad news about fire is that even a small fire that is suppressed quickly can still have a significant impact because of smoke and heat action. Fast action after the incident can help save items and restore normal operations at your store.

Superficial yet Nagging Problems after a Fire

Fire damage in your Pottsville electronics shop can leave superficial effects such as staining of casings due to smoke and soot. Even though such effects do not interfere with the operations of your items, customers expect the appliances they purchase to be in pristine condition, so such an outcome can affect your sales. Cleaning electronics is not an easy task considering how sensitive they are to water exposure. Our SERVPRO technicians can use special techniques such as wiping items with cleaning sponges or vacuuming to remove deposits without creating other problems.

Addressing Long-term Threats 

The effects of soot and other smoke residues are not restricted to the outer surfaces of your items only. The smoke that penetrates the item can cause long-term problems because soot is corrosive. If left unaddressed, it can lead to further deterioration, which can affect the operability of the item. Soot also conducts electricity, so items saved from the fire might be prone to malfunctions. Our SERVPRO technicians help with evaluation and determine which items might need professional cleaning.

Dealing with the messy Aftermath

The effects of the fire and water or other agents used to quell it can leave your shop looking like a war zone in the aftermath of the incident. Sorting through the mess is necessary, although it is not easy. Our SERVPRO technicians help in many ways. We extract any water remnants allowing free access to materials. We also sort the items into groups of salvageable, unsalvageable, and questionable ones, thus completing the task quickly. We can also help move items offsite to ease the restoration process.

Fire loss incidents in Orwigsburg, Cressona, and Minersville can present several challenges, but with help from SERVPRO of Pottsville, it is easier to address them. Call us at (570) 622-8991 to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Pottsville Needs Dry Cafes for Serving Coffee and Sweets--SERVPRO Removes Flood Waters to Keep the Cups Full

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Flooded Cafe in Pottsville? Call SERVPRO to Keep that Cupa Java Flowing--Not the Water!

Professional Cleanup Is Crucial for Commercial Flood Damage in Pottsville

Commercial flood damage in a brick and mortar business with foot traffic such as a coffee shop can be the kiss of death for the company if cleanup efforts do not happen quickly and adequately. The minute water enters, it spreads swiftly, wicking into sheetrock and can easily wind up within floor joists, wall cavities, and other hard-to-reach areas. If any areas of excessive moisture remain, both mold and foul odors have the potential for causing further damage to the shop weeks after the cleanup.

Before SERVPRO arrives on-site to clean up commercial flood damage in a Pottsville coffee shop, we usually ask business owners to stay out of the damaged areas due to the danger of dangerous slip and fall accidents on wet floors. Groundwater carries a rating as a category three biohazard, for health and safety reasons we advise avoiding the water.

Upon our arrival, we scope the site to determine the scale of the water loss on the property using our advanced moisture detection technology to measure and monitor moisture levels within the structure, including:

?    Infrared cameras allow technicians to visualize water through walls, ceilings, and floors with thermal imagery
?    Hygrometers to measure saturation levels
?    Soft probes
We can then use blue painters tape to mark off areas of saturation and dampness. These areas can be addressed as the process continues.

SERVPRO technicians extract water with portable pumps for speed and raise tables and chairs on blocks for drying in place when possible to limit the disruption to the building during restoration services. Controlled demolition techniques such as flood cuts to remove damaged sheetrock and weep holes for draining and air flow are tactics that help the water loss affected areas dry faster.

Our employees hold certifications as Applied Structural Drying Technicians, and we know how to set up air movers to pull deeply embedded moisture for thorough drying. SERVPRO techs pay special attention to wall cavities and floor joists with drying mats and InjectiDry setups to force airflow within and inhibit mold growth and odors through complete drying. Once done, we disinfect the surfaces using antimicrobial solutions to ensure they are sanitary and ready to serve customers lattes and cappuccinos at the counter again.

SERVPRO of Pottsville is available to mitigate commercial flood damage in any business or organization. Just call  (570) 622-8991, we are open 24/7 to serve the local community and make water damage to your building, "Like it never even happened."

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We Are The Leader In Pottsville Water Damage Restoration

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

When you face water damage. call us right away, once on site, we quickly extract all of the water, and then get our drying equipment in place.

Commercial Water Damage in Pottsville Retail Stores can Leave Walls and Ceilings Stained and Ugly

The architecture in many stores and shops in retail sections of Pottsville can help create dramatic displays and backdrops. Creating appealing scenes increases customer demand for such featured products. Keeping the areas involved clean is essential to maintaining not only the building but also the increase in profits.

The walls in retail stores in Pottsville that harbor commercial water damage might not have the crisp appearance required for beautiful displays. Ceilings in these areas can also look dull, spotty, or otherwise full of stains. Painting over stained areas only works for a short time until the stains bleed through and ruin the last coat of paint.

The water damage specialists at SERVPRO know how to trace water damage back to its source. Without this knowledge, the effects and signs of water damage often reappear a short time after workers finish mitigation and clean up work. Bleeding through new paint happens because of the particles that continue to discolor newly painted surfaces as they work their way back to the surface.

With moisture meters, we can check to ensure that the surfaces hold no moisture before repainting, but we first use infrared cameras that provide us with a clear image of the temperature variations in the building's interior. Cooler areas indicate damp sections, and we can, in real-time, use this to locate leaks, drips, or other openings in the structure that let rain or snow into the building.

We repair these areas as part of our mitigation services, helping keep future problems from affecting your retail store in the future. We want your business to succeed and flourish. We use the latest technology available because we want to provide our customers with results they can rely on for years after we finish.

SERVPRO of Pottsville has teams who also serve businesses in Ashland, Pine Grove, and Schuylkill Haven, helping keep water damage from harming commercial sites of all sizes. Contact our emergency services line by calling (570) 622-8991, day or night, year-round.

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SERVPRO Serves Up Rapid Response to Commercial Flood Damage in Pottsville Diner

4/22/2019 (Permalink)

No matter what flood disaster you have going on in your business, we have the team to restore it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Flood Damage is Our Specialty At SERVPRO

When commercial flood damage happens, we know the clock started ticking on water loss to the structure and contents plus revenue loss from the moment the water intrusion occurred. This is especially true for brick and mortar businesses that rely on foot traffic in their establishment for sales such as a diner.

Heavy rains can bring on flash foods causing commercial flood damage that should always be professionally mitigated. SERVPRO technicians are certified explicitly in a diverse array of restoration sciences and can handle any size water loss situation. Our goal is to restore your flood-damaged Pottsville business to its preloss condition as quickly as possible.

Even though our emergency response teams arrive within hours of the initial call, often there is little to no standing water. Technicians use extraction wands to remove any remaining water. The problem then becomes tracking where the moisture has gone. Drywall is very good at wicking moisture upward and becomes damaged as it does so.

Water can seep under flooring and saturate the subfloor while the area on top appears dry. All of these scenarios are a perfect set up for both mold and foul odors which become more significant problems later. That is why our technicians spend additional time carefully extracting and tracking moisture before we dry the property. Drying goals are set, and the process carefully monitored until completed to ensure mold is not an issue after the fact.

SERVPRO technicians are certified in the science of psychrometry, or the study of air and water vapor. They use this expertise to angle powerful air movers to cause water vapor inside flooring and other areas to rise and then it is captured by dehumidifiers and removed from the property. In this way, we can deeply dry structures quickly and save more building materials from the need for replacement in the process.

Once dry, our technicians wipe surfaces affected by water with our professional-quality solutions that both disinfect and deodorize. We know businesses that serve the public food items have specific sanitary standards they need to meet for health department regulations for safety, and we meet or exceed those goals.

SERVPRO of Pottsville is available at (570) 622-8991 when you need help eliminating commercial flood damage in your property. Our emergency response teams are available 24-hours a day to make your water loss "Like it never even happened."

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Call Our Professionals to Handle Water Damage In Pottsville

3/27/2019 (Permalink)

We arrive right away and get started removing wet damaged materials and getting the drying equipment set up properly to restore your business.

Prevent Extensive Commercial Water Damage to Your Pottsville Factory

Factories by nature are large structures designed to hold many products. Unfortunately, several problems can arise and allow water to enter your factory, including burst water pipes, holes in the roof, a backed up water sewer and a broken HVAC system. Water can be destructive if it gains access to your factory’s HVAC and electrical wiring systems. It could affect their function, causing a total or partial breakdown. In such a scenario, the systems will remain non-functional until competent technicians repair and approve them for use.

To deal with commercial water damage in your Pottsville factory, you need fast cleanup, dry out, repair and restoration services. Coping with water loss in an expedited manner mitigates acute damage. It also addresses the complications associated with prolonged water exposure, including mildew and mold.

Water removal in factories is usually unique due to the sheer size of such facilities and the specialized equipment on site. If water is pooling in your factory, contact the professional team at SERVPRO. Our technicians will respond promptly. We have the industry experience to solve even the most complicated water problems. We understand the value of your workforce and capital investment. Our business is to keep you in business.

Here at SERVPRO, we provide full water damage cleanup and restoration services from start to finish. You do not need to hire several companies to complete the work. To remove water from a building, our technicians use various types of extraction equipment. Most extractors have a heater, pump and vacuum system. These three components remain in use when cleaning upholstery and carpets. The vacuum component is used during water damage mitigation since the extractor only removes water. We then use dehumidifiers and air movers to dry and dehumidify the building. We also clean and sanitize the areas that water may have damaged to prevent unpleasant odors and mold. Our technicians then start the restoration process to restore the commercial building to its preloss condition.

For prompt water removal from your factory, contact SERVPRO of Pottsville. We can make your factory look like it never overflowed. Call us at (570) 622-8991, and we will respond to your emergency. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Apart from Pottsville, we are also happy to serve business owners in neighboring communities like Orwigsburg, Cressona, and Minersville.

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3 Flood Prevention Methods for Cities

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

City sewage system in Orwigsburg,PA

Damage from high water impacts businesses in areas like Orwigsburg,PA, all over the world. Traditional flood prevention methods can be quickly overwhelmed in a large downpour. Innovative city planners are considering methods to stop flooding. These methods fall into the following general categories:

  • Increasing the availability of natural flood defenses
  • Installing improved systems for control of water
  • Improving and maintaining sewage systems

1. Natural Flood Defenses

Natural methods for flood prevention are popular because they are self-sustaining and environmentally friendly. These methods include such large-scale projects as restoring rivers to their original channels and recreating floodplains lost to urban sprawl as well as smaller projects such as using permeable materials to build sidewalks or pavement.

2. Water Retention Systems

A variety of methods to hold or redirect flood waters have been created for urban areas. Some cities that experience regular flooding have installed large underground culverts to hold excess ground water. Other permanent forms of retaining high water until it can be harmlessly dissipated include raised embankments. Temporary sectional or frame barriers can enhance permanent flood defenses when needed.

3. Sewage Systems

Urban sewage systems are particularly vulnerable to being overwhelmed in a severe storm. Many cities are improving their water management systems by separating rainwater from existing sewage systems and water treatment plants. Maintaining existing sewage pipes and drains by clearing debris improves water flow and reduces the adverse effects of storm waters.

The severe damages caused by flooding have made flood prevention a priority for city planners all over the world. While these steps can make urban areas more resilient to the effects of high water, when flood waters hit, the services of restoration specialists can quickly put businesses back to work. These efforts can be improved by preventive measures such as raising electrical outlets, replacing plaster board with water-resistant materials and installing waterproof seals on doors and windows.

Preventing Construction-Related Water Damage

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water loss on a facility in Cressona, PA

If you are a construction business owner in Cressona, PA, you might have had concerns about water damage during the building process, and for good reason. Flooding or a broken pipe can lead to liability issues as well as costs related to the removal of wreckage related to water damage. Unforeseen expenditures and labor-intensive work related to water pipe repair or other structural matters can also creep up. Understanding why these flood incidents occur during construction and how you can prevent this destruction in the first place will help you be better prepared to lessen the potential for any moisture issues moving forward.

Why Does It Happen?

Water damage usually occurs when water enters the structure from outside or from problems such as pipes that break suddenly. As stated above, this can cause financial, time-related and even legal concerns for worksite employees as well as construction company owners such as yourself. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to prevent such damage during construction. Read on to see what they are.

Steps to Prevent Flooding Issues

There are several measures that you can take to stop water issues from hampering you and your construction team’s job. They are as follows:

  1. Mitigate water issues as they come up with help from a dedicated team of water mitigation professionals
  2. Figure out what structural flaws are present before beginning any work; take care of any necessary water pipe repair ahead of time
  3. Take time throughout the process to test the building for weak spots
  4. Keep the property fully closed and secure throughout construction, and use tarps or other protective coverings to keep out as much moisture as possible

Final Thoughts

It is important to remember how crucial it is to take care of any wetness-related problems that arise as soon as possible so that you do not run into an issue with floods, damage or mandatory water pipe repair. A mitigation company can truly help you get everything back in order in most situations so that you can prevent legal or other issues during construction.

Why Did My Sewer Back Up?

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Your best defense against a future sewer backup disaster is keeping your sewer well maintained and cleared.

If you have a sewer at your Pottsville, PA, business, you may be dealing with sewer backup that is disruptive to your operations. While this is going to be an emotional and stressful time for you, it is important to keep your cool as best you can and start forming a remediation plan. You need to take a couple of steps to remedy the situation:

1. Identify the most likely cause of the backup.
2. Figure out how you can clear the sewer.

If you are not sure why this particular backup occurred or what you should do to fix your circumstances, read on for some advice to guide you to a solution.

Storms Can Cause Backup

If your commercial building recently suffered through a storm, you have identified the most likely cause of the backup related to your sewer. Heavy storms lead to extremely large amounts of water going into sewers, which usually cannot handle such high volumes of liquid. As a result, the rain water backs up and you have a sewer issue on your hands.

Sewage Cleanup and Restoration

A storm cleanup team can help you fix your sewer backup and clean up any messes caused by all of that water overwhelming the structure. These technicians can even handle matters related to the destructive and aggressive black water that may have formed, as professionals experienced in black water removal know how to find and eradicate it quickly and efficiently.

Prevent Future Sewage Issues

Your best defense against a future sewer backup disaster is keeping your sewer well maintained and cleared. You can also install different components to prevent backups from becoming a recurring issue. As in most cases, research is your friend when it comes to preventing storm-related damage. Since no approach is going to guarantee that your sewer will be able to handle another storm-related flood, remember to always be prepared for another misadventure so you can keep your commercial property in Pottsville, PA, safe. For more information, visit

Drying Specialists: What Certification Means and Why It Is Important

6/21/2018 (Permalink)

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification sets the industry standards in restoration services. When you hire a drying specialist to conduct water cleanup for your business in Pottsville, PA, it is worth the effort to verify that the specialist is certified by the IICRC. Certification tells you that the professional is trustworthy, well-trained and insured.


In the ideal world, no one who is not trustworthy would be in the restoration business. They assist people at some of the worst times in their business history. Certification requires that service providers prove their trustworthiness. At the very least, this means adherence to certain requirements:

• Documented proof of necessary training
• Proof of insurance
• Clear policies and procedures
• Proper customer complaint system with procedures for follow-up

When you need water cleanup from a broken pipe, you want someone reliable whom you can trust to do the job quickly and correctly. Seeing that the technician is certified can ease your mind.


The IICRC requires a certain number of hours of training to qualify for certifications. For example, an applied structural drying technician must complete a three-day course on drying procedures alone to become certified. When you hire certified drying experts, you know they have had at least 21 hours of training. Ongoing training is available as well so that specialists can learn new technologies and fine-tune their knowledge.


Finally, certification requires proof of a solid insurance policy. This is not just a one-time requirement. In order to remain certified, business owners must maintain their policy and keep it in good standing. They cannot let coverage lapse, which not only protects their business but also offers assurance to yours as well.

When you need water cleanup, don’t settle for just any technicians who call themselves experts. Find an IICRC-certified technician who specializes in flood restoration techniques. Certification can make a world of difference.

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Who Covers What Costs in an Apartment Fire

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

If the tenant or one of their guests caused the apartment fire, the cost of repairing structure damage becomes the tenant’s responsibility. However, even in this scenario, the landlord’s homeowner policy is vitally important. Through that policy, the landlord will need to coordinate the necessary property restoration and repairs. If the policy contains a liability portion, the landlord’s insurance company usually contacts the tenant’s insurance company for compensation up to the liability limit for the fire damage. 

In other cases, a fire might be the result of landlord negligence or factors beyond the control of the landlord and tenant. It will usually be the landlord’s responsibility to cover expenses related to repairing structure damage. While homeowner insurance may pay for structure repairs under a number of circumstances, it will not cover the following: 

• A tenant’s damaged or lost belongings (content damage) 
• Tenant relocation 
• Temporary housing for the tenant 

In the case of a fire resulting from something the landlord did or failed to do, the landlord may be obligated to pay a tenant’s hotel bills.

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Landlord and Tenant: Who Pays for What in an Apartment Fire?

5/20/2018 (Permalink)

Being a landlord in Pottsville, PA, requires that you know more than just general information about your responsibilities, especially in the event of an unforeseen disaster. When it comes to an apartment fire, it’s important to be knowledgeable in order to understand your potential obligations.

Structure Damage vs. Content Damage

To better comprehend your financial responsibilities in the aftermath of a fire, it’s necessary to distinguish the difference between structure damage and content damage:

• Any fire damage that impairs the building’s structural integrity can be considered structure damage. Examples include the building’s interior walls, frame, windows, heating system and plumbing system.
• Content damage refers to the tenant’s personal property within the unit that experienced the fire. Personal property might be items such as furniture, clothing and electronic devices.

Be Prepared

Even if an apartment fire is a headache to contemplate, knowing ahead of time what kinds of costs you might need to cover is essential to being prepared and equipping yourself to protect your investment.

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Prevent Financial Loss With Business Interruption Insurance

3/16/2018 (Permalink)

There are countless measures you can take to make your commercial property in Pottsville, PA, safe and protected in extreme conditions such as heavy snow, flooding or even wildfires. If minor damage is sustained, a professional service can get you up and running quickly. However, if the damage is severe, you may have to close business operations entirely for a while. The money you lose can start to add up if it takes a long time to rebuild. Business interruption insurance helps you with exactly these situations.

A Different Kind of Insurance

Fire or flood insurance entitles you to some reimbursement to recover after accidents or natural disasters. Business interruption insurance doesn’t pay out to cover the cost of repairs; instead, it makes up for the potential money lost due to a closed business. For example, customers who are unable to visit your establishment may seek out a competitor’s business, or if you own a hotel or rental property, you may miss out on rent. This insurance also covers any utilities like electricity that may still be running while you rebuild.

The Right Purchase

Business interruption insurance is designed to keep you afloat during disasters that are beyond your control. It can be purchased as part of an insurance package or alongside your property insurance policy. The price of your policy may vary depending on certain factors:

• The building’s location, if that puts it at greater risk
• The purpose of the property or business
• The difficulty level of relocating the business

It may take longer for you to get up and running again than you expect, so ideally choose a policy that will cover you for a few days. Coverage often doesn’t start until 48 hours have passed.

You shouldn’t be punished while you’re struggling to rebuild. Professional contractors and cleaning services can get your building back in shape, and insurance can help keep your finances stable in the meantime.

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3 Expected Damages After a Fire

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Fires can strike at any time and for a multitude of reasons. Kitchen accidents and electrical fires are two of the most common fires that business owners suffer from. Do you know what to do in case of fire damage? Some owners aren’t even sure what damages they may face after a fire. Here are the three most common issues faced after a fire.

1. Fire Damage

The most obvious damage done to your business will be from the fire itself. No matter how the fire started, odds are you are going to have some damage from the flames. This could be scorched walls, furniture or destroyed belongings. While you may see visible signs of fire damage, it’s best to leave a closer look to the professionals. In some cases, unseen issues such as damaged wiring may be at work.

2. Smoke Damage

With the flames comes smoke. Smoke not only leaves an odor, but it can spread soot throughout your home. In addition to having to clean your belongings and purify your air, you may also have to check to make sure your electronics still work. Smoke and soot can end up in the internal components and cause electronic devices to overheat.

2. Water Damage

When it comes to fire, many business owners don’t think about water damage. If professionals put out your fire, then odds are you’re going to have some water damage. Keep in mind that a fire hose uses a lot of water to put out flames. This water can settle into carpets, drywall and other belongings.

Restoration efforts cannot begin until you know the type of damage that you’re dealing with and the extent of it. When it comes to a building fire, you will usually have a combination of all three when the flames are put out at your Pottsville, PA business.

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When To Call a Restoration Company

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After a broken pipe floods your home, flood restoration services are imperative. If you want to save your belongings, you need professionals who know what they are doing, what to look for and how to salvage as much as possible. If you are having trouble deciding whether you should call a restoration company, the answer is usually that you should. Here are a few of the things that they can do for you.

1. Uncover Items That Need To Be Cleaned

A sewer cleanup company or restoration service can extract the water from your home and remove damaged materials. Once this is complete, you will have a better view of the items you need to clean. Floods are a mess. They can be difficult to navigate. Without someone to help, you may wonder how to begin, what to throw away and what to keep. During a pipe burst cleanup, you might not have those answers, but a professional will.

2. Throw Out Items That Cannot Be Cleaned

You will not be able to save all of your damaged items during a pipe burst cleanup. Carpets, stuffed animals, paper products and bedding are among the items that you have to throw away. Once you clear out the trash, you can focus on what is left.

3. Clean Items That Are Left

You do not have to clean your belongings alone. Your restoration company will have the right tools to do a thorough cleanup. These experts may even have cleaning solutions that will help to clean any mold or mildew caused by the flood. Keep in mind that a cleanup company has access to equipment that most people do not.

At the end of the day, a pipe burst cleanup can feel like a long process. Fortunately, there are people who can help. If you have a flood in Pottsville, PA it is never too early to call for help.
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Founder of SERVPRO

6/23/2017 (Permalink)

Ted and Doris Issacson launched SERVPRO in 1967 as a painting business in Sacramento, Calif. With a background in cleaning and restoration, however Ted and Doris soon transformed the company into a franchise of cleanup.

After selling its first Franchise in 1969, SERVPRO continued to grow, acquiring 175 franchises in 1979. 

Finally SERVPRO relocated the corporate headquarters from Sacramento to Gallatin, TN in 1988 in a strategic move to place itself within 600 miles of 50% of the U.S population. At the time of the location SERVPRO consisted of 647 Franchises. 

Today, SERVPRO is proud to say has more than 1,700 Franchises and growing. SERVPRO of Reading and Pottsville been operating for over 22 years. We our locally owned and operated and will have a location in the Pottsville Area by the end of 2017. We value are customers!

If you have any questions feel free to call 570-622-8991

Emergency Response Plans

6/13/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's new Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) system allows business owners to keep track of all properties and locations during a fire or storm, and respond appropriately. Using the tools, you can have multiple individualized profiles and information sets for each property you own or manage, and with a (ERP) our technicians will have all the information they need to get your business running back to normal. As a result, they can save owners of multiple properties, such as landlords, hundreds in repair costs after a fire by responding fast to each location.
During a fire,water damage,apartments and rental properties can physical damage. Usually, our technicians have to spend time evaluating the building and formulating an approach, but this process is a great way for SERVPRO's response quickly. Through it, we can access relevant contact information, building plans and layouts, and critical information about utility systems. This is especially useful to fire chiefs, who can response quickly to help locate the fire source.  

SERVPRO of Pottsville operates on the principle of mitigation to respond around the clock and save landlords thousands in restoration costs. Call us at (570) 622- 8991 for our help or to learn more about the Emergency Response Plan.

Schuylkill County Chamber

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How is one way we get involved in the community? What's their mission?

Our local chamber provides endless opportunities for networking, business development and active involvement through committees. 

Schuylkill County Chamber, developed working relationships with communities county-wide that share a common vision; built a Schuylkill Leadership program; sponsored a Jobs Creation Grant Program that offered equipment grants to area employers for hiring handicapped workers; created a solid benefits program for the membership which included comprehensive health care and extensive member networking; actively pursued transportation facility and service improvements; and worked to establish Schuylkill County as an active participant in the new regionalism that will have a significant impact on our communities in the future.

SERVPRO of Pottsville is proud and honor to be apart of the Chamber. We takes great pride in being involved with our local community. We are excited to see how many friendships we make over the years. The Chamber is a great place to meet local business that want to provide Schuylkill County with jobs, and new businesses in area.