Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

When Your Business Suffers Storm Damage

In most storm situations where your business is impacted, there will be roof damage or flooding from the ground. Because of the contamination brought on by the ... READ MORE

Collapsed Ceiling After Storm Damage

This home suffered damage to the roof due to severe storms and, as a result, rain began to enter and saturate the ceiling. As you can see, the ceiling collapsed... READ MORE

Flooding In Commercial Facility

During a heavy rain, the storm drains outside this facility became blocked with debris and resulted in a stormwater intrusion that caused the damage you see pic... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Ceiling

Rainwater intruded into this home due to damage done to the roof by severe storms. Because of the leak, water was able to collect and saturate the ceiling. As y... READ MORE

Water Extraction In Flooded Basement

Our team was called to help clean up this structure after it suffered heavy flooding as you can in the images above. When we arrived onsite, we began using a hi... READ MORE

Cleanup After Storm Damage

This facility had damage done to its roof from a previous storm that allowed rainwater to enter and saturate the ceiling. As you can see in these images, the ro... READ MORE